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Summer Flowers Negative Space&Neon Nails

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The summer’s negative space madness got me at last! I usually love negative space nails and you’ve seen me approach the technique a couple of times before – now it’s time for summer negative space nails!

With flowers and rhinestones, glitter, textured and neon nail polish, this summer nail art is complete. There’s nothing missing – like a chili con carne with extra jalapeno! You can always try a simplified version or change the colors to match the occasion or the outfit you wish.

negative space flowers summer nails

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Coupling Zoya Liberty with hot pink is one of my favorite combos and as much as I tried, I couldn’t help but love the way neons and textured glittery polishes make a fabulous manicure! The weekend is right here, so why tame these summer nails? Go the extra sparkly mile, the result is really worth it!

Although I’m pretty sure I’ll need a cure of baby boomer French in the following days! I’ll keep you posted, but at least I gave you a fair warning beforehand!

neon summer nails flowers negative space

This is definitely one of the easiest manicures you can do, I only used a dotting tool to create it, no extra special brushes or painting talents needed! If you don’t have a dotting tool already, you can always use a bobby pin’s rounded end to paint the flowers! Place a couple of lacquer drops on your work surface (or a piece of paper) and dip the dotting tool (or the bobby pin) in the polish and apply on the nail to create 4 or 5 petal flowers!

pink purple summer neon nails

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Stick a rhinestone in the middle (or another drop of white/silver polish) and let it dry before you apply a generous topcoat (to avoid smudging, it’s best to wait for the flowers to dry so the negative space would be perfect).
Was that hard? It took me way longer to take the pictures for this nail art than to actually paint it! Sure, if it wasn’t for a sudden urge to read a book that was under a pile of papers and puzzles and whatnots, I would have had identical summer manicures on both hand.

Which is so like me. Not!

negative space flowers summer nail art

So basically I painted my nails and then, before they dried out completely, I went looking for this book I just needed to read asap! And I smudged my right hand’s flowers! Bummer, I know – so I made the best of it – wiped the nails in question and used another polish to paint the flowers. Now I have my two different colors for the same nail art.

Which is so like me. Definitely!

how to negative space neon summer nails tutorial

I’m Cecilia and I love painting my nails so much that I decided to share my passion and all I’ve learned with you on my website.

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