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Elegant Fashion Wedding Nails Rodarte Spring Summer 2017

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There’s something about Fashion Week that makes you watch countless photos from the runway and from outside the shows venues… I’m at this game for a decade and it still hasn’t lost its magic for me!

Today I’m wearing Rodarte ^_- on my nails. And you can wear Rodarte on your nails too – it’s easier than you’d imagine! At their Spring Summer 2017 show, there were plenty of innovations and not just with fabrics and cuts but also with nails and cuticles!

seasonails fall inspiration

We always strive to clean our cuticles for the best manicure look. What if… we made the cuticle part of the nail art? Instead of pushing or cutting them, let’s paint and make them part of the manicure! It was a fabulous idea from nail artist Tracylee and I’m totally embracing it and making it part of my nail art routine!

rodarte spring summer 2017 nails glitter cuticles

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The nail art seen on the Rodarte runway for the Spring Summer 2017 presentation had a gold glitter halo around the nails. I used a copper-y glitter because it’s fall, after all ^_- . And I may or may not have a soft spot for all copper nail things… What you see in these images are my sources of inspiration for all things fall (and some reminiscences from summer beaches). Colored crayons, jewelry, lace, owls, pen and paper – what’s inspiring you this fall?)

elegant nails fall wedding inspiration

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The way I see it, this is a manicure you can either wear on a daily basis if you don’t mind having people staring at your nails all the time (glitter can definitely steal the show), however, think about wearing this for a party! An elegant wedding or a fancy cocktail, a charming getaway party a minimalist elegance, perfectly chic and so easy and quick to do!

minimalist nails orly french

Quick I said, didn’t I? Start with your favorite white-milky French base (I still hold on to my Orly French Beverly Hills Manicure but you can wear whatever nuance your skin feels comfortable with). Wait for it to dry or not, it is irrelevant for the cuticles are now the stars of your nail art! A striping brush or a nail art bottle brush is better for what comes next.

fashion nails how to rodarte ss17

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…and what comes next is something a child could pull out! Painting the cuticles was never encouraged before. That’s about to change right now (with big thanks to Tracylee and Rodarte SS17, courtesy Sonny Vandevelde/Indigital)! Pick up your striping brush and start painting the cuticles around your nails with that gorgeous glitter! Don’t stop until you’ve glittered all the nails’ cuticles!

fall inspiration october nails

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Aren’t these just gorgeous? Would you try? (and share on Seasonails’ Facebook page, I would love to see your take on these beauties!)

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elegant minimalist nails

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