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Flowers And Glitter Spring Nails

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It’s my first attempt at tiny abstract flowers so they might be slightly..errr… too abstract? Well, in any case scenario, the glitter is fabulous, so I’m betting on that, at least!

Jordana and Orly with a touch of a mint nail polish I found at the bottom of my stash – it’s really the cheapest nail polish ever, but I so liked the color, couldn’t do otherwise but buy it. That was last year, in a quick groceries run ^_^. What? Didn’t you ever stuffed potatoes and nail polish in the same market bag? I did. It’s good. Makes an artsy match.

spring nail polishes

The glittery tips are covered in a beautiful concoction from FGT Called Fields of Green (remember those fab FGT glitters? they’re just perfect for spring!). Seriously, could any name be any better for a Spring Nail Art polish? And with this mani, back again, my matte nails to make an artistic statement. -_^ Oh, wait! I didn’t tell you the best (and worse) part of this month! Here goes: so I kinda crashed the car. Nothing too serious, a fender bender, but it broke my heart worse than it broke my car (the other car was like.. nothing even happened!). I was so desperately sad for a couple of days, I thought nothing would pull me out of it! And one of those sad nights, I visited one of the nails blogs I usually do and entered a contest. With no expectations whatsoever!

glitter for spring fgt

And I won! I won my first nail polish giveaway! That pulled me out of the sadness pit straight into a fireworks party! I felt like these nails – a bunch of madly colorful abstract flowers with no specific shape but happy nonetheless! It’s a very low-budget nail art, made with some of the cheapest options yet surprisingly pretty and catchy. You’ve seen me using these mini neons so many times before, they’re excellent nail art companions (remember my Summer Festival Nails?)!

neon abstract nail art how to

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I think the trickiest part of this nail art was the dotticure – the very teeny tiny dots with deep purple nail polish (in case anyone asks, it’s OPI’s Lincoln Park After Midnight). I did those with a striping brush and with an extremely diluted drop of the said nail lacquer. But they ended up alright – didn’t they? Actually, you know what? I was so happy to win that contest, these flowers felt wonderful more than they looked wonderful. But that ok too, isn’t it? Nail art is supposed to make us feel good inside, and these nails were all about good inside and happy and colorful on the outside ^_^

abstract flowers how to paint

What’s your happiest manicure to date? Will you share your story with me? I poured my curious tale of March, now it’s your turn! -_^

spring flowers nails easy

I’m Cecilia and I love painting my nails so much that I decided to share my passion and all I’ve learned with you on my website.


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