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How To Find The Perfect Nail Shape & Lenght For You!

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Isn’t that something you asked yourself many times over? I did! Ever since I discovered how to grow out my nails (you can read all about the nails secrets here), I understood that long nails are not my perfect nails.

I think you can relate too if you have a ton of things to do around the house, kids to cater to, babies to attend to and… generally get out of bed and get stuff done. My loooong, gorgeous nails get so dirty, so fast! I don’t like that, but I don’t like nubs either – so? What’s the perfect length and shape for your nails? Read on to see if my ‘perfect’ matches yours!

square nails french gradient manicure

The shape of your nails: (of course I’m talking about natural nails – no falsies, no gels, just natural nails!) I used to have square (I actually tracked down an older picture with my square nails from 2 years ago! Please be merciful with the state of my gradient french! Thank you!) and lightly squoval nails. One day I had to file two nails in a more rounded shape because my edges were frayed and didn’t want to shorten the nails altogether. And then I noticed that next to my square-ish nails, the oval ones looked so much better, so much more natural and elongated the fingers so much!

round short nails flowers

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I then decided to try the rounded shape for all my nails, at least once. And they grew up so fast, I didn’t even have time to properly asses the comparison! I then decided to file them down round again and pay attention – again, they grew up so fast, nothing broken, no split end, no frayed edge, my round nails are definitely better for my daily routine than my square nails were!

how to file your nails from square squoval to round

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Now that I’ve decided the shape (if you want to properly shape the round nail, you need to follow the fingertip shape with your nail file and check out the round shape looking backwards at your nails. File, turn the nails, check the shape, follow the fingertip! Let me know if the photos aren’t self-explanatory, I’ll be happy to add more detailed explanation!

nails shape from square squoval to rounded

The length of your nails is mostly conditioned by your daily routine. Although office work may seem less harmful to your nails than dealing with activities requiring a lot of handwashing, look at your index fingernail (and your middle fingernail) : don’t they carry the shape of your keyboard? Typing too much on your computer causes an irregular wearing on some nails, on the side touching the keyboard. This happens especially if you have really long nails that end up touching the keyboard before your fingertips do.

nails shape square to oval

Oh, and have you tried texting with loooong nails? Without predictive text? I did and I’m not going back unless I want my friends to think I’m sipping on wine from the wee hours of the morning! So that’s my text-length rule: file down as soon as your text messages become erratically misspelled!
How did you find the right shape&length for your nails – do share your experience, I’d love to read it!

I’m Cecilia and I love painting my nails so much that I decided to share my passion and all I’ve learned with you on my website.

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