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The 5 Healthy Nails Secrets Nobody Will Tell You!

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Weekly visits to the nail salons, daily roundoups of nailistas social accounts and still your nails look miserable? How do all those fabulous ladies with impeccable nails do it? How do they grow them out to impossible lengths and great shapes while you still break at least a nail per week?

If you want to know the answers to that, if you want to know all those hush-hush secrets no nailista or nail technician is ever going to spill, scroll down! I nailed them and I’m sharing them! Because I want you all to feel the joy I felt when my nails stopped breaking! When I basically stopped texting on my phone because I couldn’t type with my too-long nails!

keep calm and read this for perfect nails

I started doing my own nails more than 20 years ago! I had good nails days and bad nails days but I never knew how to turn bad nails days into good nails days! All that changed some two months ago when I decided I should stop paying the extra $ on the super-expensive cuticles oil I was using and had not seen the miracle results promised even after years of usage!

I had a backup plan: home-made nails&cuticles oil! But oil all you want, you ain’t gonna see miracles if you don’t follow all the other rules at once! So let’s do this:

1. Cuticles oil

Regardless of how many times you’ve heard it before, I cannot stress enough on the importance of keeping your cuticles oiled, in good shape, for a better, healthier nail! Oil, oil, oil! When you’re at your computer, in your car, at the movies, on the couch, keep your cuticles oil close and use it!

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If you nails are in really bad shape, don’t polish them for two days and use the oil on the cuticles and on the nails at least 6 times/day! After the two days, polish your nails as usual and use the cuticles oil around your nails 3 times/day. Keep following that routine every day and every time you clean your nails for at least a month and you’ll notice an unbelievable change in your nails!

healthy nails secrets cuticle oil

2. Oval shaped nails

You think it’s a joke? Or just the latest trend blooming the nail salons? It’s way more than that! I used to have square and squoval nails. They broke like crazy and fringed around the edges so easily, I couldn’t get past my fingers! I had nubs every day, every week – I was about to give up and just think that my nails will never grow beyond that point. I couldn’t have been more wrong!

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Once I filed my nails in an oval shape just because all my edges were fringed and splitting, I noticed my nails weren’t breaking anymore! Why? Simply because there were no more abrupt edges and my nails could easily slide around things because of their rounded shape!

healthy nails secrets nails shape

3. Multifaceted File

Next to your usual file, the multifaceted file will become your friend! And not because you want to smoothen out the surface of your nails, oh, no! Please, leave your nails be, as ridged as they are, this is your texture and there are plenty of nail polish bases out there to fill the ridges and make for an even surface!

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But behold, though! For all those splitting nails tips, buff away the split with the multifaceted file! Work in the direction of growth of the nail and file, then polish the split edge and it won’t split anymore! Just as soon as you notice the split, get on it to prevent it from splitting any further down the nail! Polish as usual and keep an eye out for that buffed split – sometimes you need to buff it again the next time you clean your nails!

multifaceted file for healthy nails

4. The Reversed French Manicure

It’s hard to put a name on this as I discovered it myself and although I’m certain I’m not the only one using it, I never heard of it before so I can’t know for a fact that it’s an established denomination! It’s actually a simple gesture that will get your nails a long way – literally!

Pick one of those semi-opaque white-ish nail polishes you use for French manicures and paint the back of your free tips! The nails edges going over the nail bed, over the finger, regardless of how long they are now – polish them! It’s like a French manicure, only on the back of the nails, that’s why I called it The Reversed French and it’s what saved my nails and got them to unbreakable lengths – I actually had to file them down because I couldn’t text anymore and my nails were getting clawy!

the secret to nails that don t break reversed french

5. Nail Polish

Do I need to emphasize the importance of keeping your nails polished at all times? Nail Polish and rubber gloves for the house chores will protect your nails, helping them grow longer and healthier if followed the above-listed tips!

So that’s it – my trial-and-tested method for growing out longer than ever before nails! Should you follow them or not, it’s entirely up to you, but I do hope you’ll get the nails you hoped for at least once with your natural nails! And do not hesitate to ask me if you have any questions – oh! and if you’re curious about what Cuticle Oil I use, stay close: I’ll talk about that in a future story, again about how to get your healthiest, longest ever nails!

I’m Cecilia and I love painting my nails so much that I decided to share my passion and all I’ve learned with you on my website.


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