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Artsy Fall Ombre Nails

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I have finally embraced the season. It took me a while, huh? Now: as I was crushing some organic grapes the other day with that amazing fashion manicure (you can see me at it here on Instagram), a new nail art idea came to me.

Messy yet artistic, the idea involved an ombre in the ultimate fall colors – copper and dark burgundy. One might argue that my copper is more of a golden nuance and that the burgundy falls into the purple category, yet I know that pictures can be deceiving… Believe me when I stand by my copper/burgundy picture! Back to the nail art: the grapes crushing thingie is so messy and rewarding! that organic, fresh grape juice is heaven in a jar! (yep, I had a jar-full with grape juice next to this amazing pumpkin pie the other day – all documented on Instagram)

opi gold copper nail polish

That was happening in the morning and in the evening I did some seasonal watercolor painting with the kiddos. I’m a newbie so be kind with my painting skills -_^! The important thing is that we had fun. We had fun playing with the watercolors, with the grapes and with the nails!

burgundy nails for fall

I had my left hand nails painted gold and my right hand nails painted dark burgundy, covered the deal in matte top coat and proceeded to the dry brushing with burgundy on copper and copper on burgundy respectively. You can choose to add topcoat or not, it’s entirely besides the nail art point right now as the sophisticated ombre fall manicure is already done!

how to abstract gradient fall nails

I seriously love this gradient dry brushing so much, you’ll be seeing it any season! (can’t wait to figure out some glitzy wintery combinations soon!)

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ombre fall gradient nails burgundy gold

Also – we had so much fun playing with watercolors that I decided to up my painting game with some writing ink. And my calligraphy pen. The result enchanted me and made some kind of superhero in the eyes of my kiddos -_^. I’m seriously going to repeat that ink drawing thingie soon!

fall artsy ombre nails watercolor

Doesn’t it match the nails somehow? Like in an artistic moody kind of fall marriage?

fall inspiration watercolor ink drawing ombre nails

I tried to find some artistic ways to photograph the story, to make it more interesting than the regular nail art nails/bottle pose. Did I get it right? Should I keep doing it? (let me know! And don’t forget to follow Seasonails on Instagram, it really helps with my nails drying time! -_^ )

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fall nails gradient fall colors

Have a blessed, fulfilling, Happy Fall everyone!

dry brush nail art fall

I’m Cecilia and I love painting my nails so much that I decided to share my passion and all I’ve learned with you on my website.

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