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Fashion Nails Happy Dotticure Inspired By Jeremy Scott

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I woke up this morning, decided to make this day special! Not that it wasn’t already special: it’s the last Monday of September 2016! Imagine that! Next Monday it’ll be October! So! To properly honor this amazing, unique day, I think happy nails are in order – don’t you agree?

Either way, my nails are happy and I’m enjoying wearing them so much that I genuinely think you should give them a chance, try this manicure – it could be therapeutic!

zoya kendal preparing nail art

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The two beauties you’ll be seeing in this nails story are both from Zoya – the coral-ish one is called Kendal and the blue is Robyn. Since it’s a playful manicure (and I love wearing a different nail art on each of my two hands) I reversed the color scheme for my other hand.

Will you wear: Different nail art for each hand?

On the left it’s a Zoya Kendal base with a biiiiiig dot of Zoya Robyn and on the right a blue Zoya Robyn base with a huuuge dot of Zoya Kendal.

freehand dots nail art

Now if you’re asking what might’ve popped this nail art idea in my head – it’s Fashion Week. The Spring Summer 2017 season is in full catwalk as we speak and this particular manicure has been seen on Jeremy Scott’s runway, as painted by Miss Pop. She’s a very, very talented New York based Nail Artist I follow regularly because of her fresh approach of nail art.

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Also, if you’re not familiar with Jeremy Scott’s vision (and you’re having a dull day), it’s worth taking a look at his creations. He has a way with clothes that will definitely freshen up your approach to dressing up and more!

jeremy scott inspired nails dotticure

honestly – do you think there’s even a remotely small chance of being gloomy with these nails?
The colors are so un-fall-like and the simple idea behind the nail art is superbly approachable and easy to replicate even by the most unskilled hand! I promise I’ll be doing a video soon to show you! – I used the bottle brush to create the big dollops but there’s a more precise approach to this nail art and that’s what I’ll be showing you in the video. Give it a second – I have to go out and buy and darn tripod for my phone to properly record the creative process -_^ ! art needs funding, you know…

dots nail art easy zoya lacquer

I’m Cecilia and I love painting my nails so much that I decided to share my passion and all I’ve learned with you on my website.

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