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My Secret Nails & Cuticles Oil Recipe

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You know how you often daydream about only shortening your nails because you’ve had enough of them being too long and not because they break, split or snap? As a child, I was dreaming of Rapunzel-long hair. As an adult, I dream of long nails!

Eating healthy, taking supplements, nothing really worked! (well, technically, pregnancy hormones did work and I had my longest, healthiest nails ever when I was pregnant. But I can’t be pregnant forever, right?) So when I started Seasonails I thought it was going to be an outlet for my polishing adventures. It turned out to be my nails education as well! I slowly started growing out my nails at such point that today I finally decided to file them down because they were simply too long!

magic cuticles nails oil

How I did that? Read on! It’s a process, don’t expect a phrase, an over-night thing that turns your nail from brittle, frail, to acrylic-like quality! Expect it to be a process instead, a way for your nails and you to get familiar and to understand and respect each-others needs.

I needed my nails to grow long and strong, to stop splitting and breaking. I have had that! And now I can share with you how I achieved that!

They say nails are, like pretty much all other living cells in our bodies, conditioned by genetic inheritance. In plain speaking – if your Mother’s nails were hard as stone, so will yours! I’m living proof that life beats science. Occasionally! I cannot begin to describe you my mom’s nails! They’re like wood! I had really soft, uneven, dry, splitting, breaking nails. Where’s genetic science when you need it, huh?

cleaned nails before nail polish

Starting Seasonails, I realized I had to do something to keep those nails permanently in presentable shape so I went as far as washing the dishes with rubber gloves! It’s terrible. But I did it! Because I wanted long, beautiful nails – Photoshop can fix many flaws but it never mends a broken nail!

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I was afraid I would snap a nail and won’t have a thing to photograph the next day so I became extra careful about my gestures and postures, I developed a new way to handle myself because of my nails! Until I grew tired of it all and really asked myself if it was all worth it! All those fabulous nailistas with long nails! How did they do it? Some swear on a special diet, others on magic pills, some on hydration, others on hand creams. I had my rubber gloves, my seeds and nuts supplements and my OPI cuticles oil – what was I doing wrong?

So I started digging for answers. After hours of reading throughout the Internet, of taking notes and drawing conclusions, I finally fell asleep on my keyboard! Tons of science mumbo-jumbo and a gazillion hoaxes. Sifting through took me a while. And a lot of keyboard – sleeping. But I think I did it!

cuticles oil recipe

I now have my magic potion!
The answer to my Nails Graal!
I found it. I used it. And it worked.
So after you’ve been reading over 500 words so far, here’s my secret to the longest, healthiest nails ever: care. And an all-organic mix of oils into a fabulous, natural cuticles oil!

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I care for my nails and I protect them often by any means – I keep my rubber gloves for daily chores around the house (scrubbing, washing) as it’s not the chores damaging the nails but the substances and the frequency we use them with. Apply the hand cream you know is best for you after finishing the chores in question. I use shea butter. Plain, organic shea butter works best for me, my nails, my skin, my hair.

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We’re all different, so don’t expect that something working best for me will do the same for you! Be open to experimenting but when you found something that works, stick to it faithfully!

I trust you already read my ‘Nails Secrets Nobody Will Tell You About’? if not, then here’s the most important part: paint your nails inside out! I use a white-ish (not solid white, it looks weird) nail polish for my free tips – yes, I paint underneath the nail, all over the free edges of the nail and under the nail. It’s like sealing the nail. And each time I file my nails, I seal back. No, don’t worry, the nail won’t asphyxiate and die. The nail is already dead!

Contrary to the general opinion, the nail doesn’t ‘breathe’ nor does it needs to. Seal it to protect it. Bottom line.
And I really have to repeat myself: the shape of the nail is hugely important! If you want your nails to last longer, keep a rounder shape rather than a square! Less abrupt edges will be easier to keep intact because they won’t oppose any resistance when you handle things, get dressed, get through your hair and so on!

nails cuticles oil recipe free seasonailscom

Oil – this is the final stage of your caring routine! Now grab that wishlist and add: Jojoba oil (4 parts), Avocado oil (3 parts), Grapeseed oil (2 parts), Almond oil or Olive Squalane Oil (2 parts), Vitamin A oil (2 parts), Vitamin E oil (2 parts), Tea Tree Oil(2 parts) and Frankincence Oil (2 parts), Jasmin Wax (1-2 parts) for the pretty smell and a base of Coconut Oil (4 parts). This is the Secret Cuticles Oil recipe in universal measurements: substitute ‘parts’ for oz where used and for ml multiply ‘parts’ with 10ml.

Some ingredients are naturally solid at room temperature – you’ll have to liquefy them by placing the original recipients in warm water until the needed quantity is liquid. Use a measured syringe to extract the needed quantity and then place them all in the same bowl (I use a mason jar to prepare the recipe I then pour with a syringe in recipients like the one you see in the picture). Once everything is well blended together, all you need is to fill the recipient of your choice (or refill the recipient of cuticles oil you were using so far). Please remember to store your oils in a cold place and use them in 6 months to 1 year tops!

nails cuticles oil for long nails guaranteed free recipe

I could write 10 more pages about the uses and benefits of each of these oils but I think this is as far as I’ll go for now. You just ask, and I’ll be more than happy to answer each and every question you have!

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I use this special blend on my nails each day, several times a day and it serves me well. It actually goes wonderful for my skin and my hair too.. Call it a multipurpose oil, my secret oil for growing out my nails!

how to apply cuticles oil free recipe

I’m Cecilia and I love painting my nails so much that I decided to share my passion and all I’ve learned with you on my website.


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