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Minimalist Happy Fall Nails

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Clouds and drizzle… You know the days: cold wind blowing through an impossibly thin curtain of rain, leaves floating on puddles spread away by cars hurrying to get home, away from the wind and drizzle…

Yet my heart is still sunny! I look at the fall days ahead with a sunny heart. I’m still the same, my nails still need to be done, right? So what if it’s raining outside and I tucked my sandals at the back of my closet waiting for next year? I’m not waiting another year to live with the sun in my heart. Are you?

fall nails color opi taupeless beach

I decided to bring the sun out, for everyone to see! I’m wearing the sun on my nails today! I actually have 10 tiny shiny suns on each of my fingernails! Beat that, drizzle!

These nails are proof that: You don’t need a party to wear party nails!

We’ve entered fall with tummy aches. Everyone around the house was either throwing up or sleeping, recovering after throwing up. (what an image, right?) As I write these lines, my head is still hurting but I still have the sun in my heart! And it’s that sunny feeling I want you to keep from this story. Maybe you’ll paint your nails like mine, maybe not, but keep the sun in your eyes and in your heart!

how to paint fireworks on your nails

The pictures already tell the story: I started out with a Taupe-less Beach base (from OPI) and then I added a freehand design with the warmest yellow polish I had in my stash. Bright, warm yellow from Milani (no. 708 Yellow Design) I bought for pennies last year at a cosmetics fair and now it’s paying me back big time with a happy drawing!

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You should know that I don’t always plan in advance my nails. I start out with a base and work my way up to a final design. Sometimes I’m happy with the final result – which will definitely produce a nails story on seasonails. Sometimes I’m not and then I wipe everything off and start again. When I’m not happy with my nails, I’m not wearing them. I need that happy feeling. My nails are always a reflection of what I feel inside – how do you find inspiration for your nails?

adding glitter to my fall nails

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As you can see, I painted some flowers/fireworks/sun/stars shapes on my nails with that gorgeous yellow. The positions vary from one nail to another because neither the sun or the stars, the flowers or fireworks don’t stay in one place.

glitter happy fall nails

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Looking at what I thought would be the final result, I realize that my shapes don’t have enough shine. So I dipped them into glitter. It still felt like it didn’t shine enough. So I covered the base in matte topcoat (save for the yellow design) and added a couple of brushes over the shapes with a glittery topcoat (also from Milani). Now they have extra shine, like they’re supposed to! Happy fall nails! ^_^.

happy fall nails grey yellow

I’m Cecilia and I love painting my nails so much that I decided to share my passion and all I’ve learned with you on my website.

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