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Glitter Rain Fall Nails

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I feel like the weather girl. The weather nails girl -_^ . I think my next manicure will be about happy days and shiny, warm colors! Somehow, rainy nails seem to be bringing rainy days…

So yeah, that’s about these nails: rain and fall. Fall-ing rain. A delight to paint, a pleasure to wear, I don’t want to take them off, that’s how wonderful they look! Are the images telling enough? I do hope they captured at least a tiny part of the unexpected charm these nails have!

fall colors nail polish

OPI’s I have a herring problem and Orly’s Festival Lights are the two colors you’re seeing as base. I only painted one coat of each and then added the matte topcoat to seal it. I wanted a translucent base, not heavy on the nails, not too solid – doesn’t that make it more subtle?

fall nails orange grey

Have you seen these: Happy rainy days nails?

There’s no pattern in choosing the accent nails, I just changed the color whenever I wanted, not to follow a particular idea. You’ve seen me doing the same with my Thanksgiving nails… I think it’s a wonderful way to accent a manicure, escaping the ‘ring fingernail accent cliché’.

how to fall nails glitter

With just two other colors and a bit of glitter, this lovely fall nail art is done! One drop each of copper and metallic silver nail polish will provide the necessary fine lines for this rainy nail art. A very fine nail art brush would be great for this. The trick I found that works best is leaving the drops to dry out a bit – I can’t really explain the phenomenon but the polish builds up and then traces a very fine line…

fall rain glitter nails

You can also try wearing: Happy fall nails!

And even if it’s not a hair thin line (which I would’ve loved, yet I didn’t obtain it for the most part) it’s ok. Don’t beat yourself up too much over these lines, the manicure will end up looking phenomenally good regardless!

orange glitter fall nails

Add some teeny tiny dots wherever you want to place the glitter particles, apply them with a slight pressure to have them adhering the preexistent nail polish. I then sealed it all with another matte top coat, but you can choose a normal shiny top coat just as well.

fall nails glitter metallic stripes

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The photo session followed, with a lot of texture and nature-sparked fall items. Pine cones, tiny roses, wood chops, beads, lace and nail polish, don’t they make a fabulous fall salad?

fall nails glitter grey copper

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orange fall glitter nails

I’m Cecilia and I love painting my nails so much that I decided to share my passion and all I’ve learned with you on my website.

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