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Subtle Pastel Nails For Spring

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Subtle. As in ‘office-friendly’ subtle. As in very feminine and extremely beautiful! Nails so sweet and delicate, I’m over the moon with admiration for them!

You may have seen these around, I remember noticing something similar on Pinterest one time and starring at the pictures for minutes, in complete and utter admiration! Simple, beautiful nail art you can wear at the office and anywhere else! I love these double duty manicures. And these, let me tell you, they definitely turn heads and I’ve received a fair share of compliments so don’t hold back in trying them, they’re so incredibly easy to do!

subtle abstract pastel nails how to

So what I did is I painted with a translucent base, the kind you use for French Manicures. After it dried completely (that’s like the next morning for me, but I’m sure there’s better, faster ^_^ I just decided there was not enough ‘good’ light to photograph the nails so I’d have to wait the next morning for that beautiful natural light to take decent snaps of these gorgeous nails!)

dry brush technique on nails

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I decided blue and pink were my colors (as a matter of fact, they’re Pantone’s colors of the year, so might as well use them, right?) and I also added a silver, white, some loose glitter and silver tape. Some of these are optional, of course, I’ll be doing some variations of this manicure over the seasons, so do expect to see more like these in the future!

dry brush spring nails

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It’s a dry-brush technique, basically, my favorite, so no surprise there – here and there a tiny blob of nail polish, on the edge of the nail and the brush it towards the interior of the nail with a fan brush. Or simply use the dry brushing with the nail bottle brush and you’ll get the same effect. I just felt like using the fancy fan brush. It’s such a gorgeous brush and I rarely use it, isn’t it unfair? ^_^

dry brush with fan brush

The dry brush dries so fast, you’ll be able to finish this manicure in no time (which was awesome since my neighbor’s house is blocking the sun fairly quickly so I had to snap all the pics I wanted asap). With a thin brush dipped in silver, trace irregular lines over the pastel dry brushing. And then some white. What I like to do here is save the light colors for the tip of the nail, you see that I didn’t cover all the nail with the pastel dry brush? It’s because it creates the illusion of length so I added some thin stripes towards the tip of the nail, to create that visual ‘trompe l’oeuil’ I love so much!

abstract dry brush pastel how to

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Add some loose glitter here and there with the beloved fancy fan brush, cover all in generous amounts of clear topcoat and you’re done with the hardest part. You’ve seen me apply tape just like that before, when I did those gorgeous burgundy nails not long ago – check them out here, they’re totally awesome!

abstract dry brush with glitter nails

What’s new this time – it’s the glitter – I decided to add that in the spur of the moment, so I just applied some topcoat between the stripes and then I added glitter with the fan brush. It looks so awesome! It creates texture, depth and adds spark to this manicure! Try it, it’s amazing!

subtle pastel spring nails

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You can wear these for Spring, for Valentine’s Day, for Easter, for no reason at all, just because they’re fabulous, subtle, feminine, easy to do and all around ah-mazing! Oh – I said that already, didn’t I? Well, that’s just because they are. The sure are! Yes!

spring pastel nails abstract

I’m Cecilia and I love painting my nails so much that I decided to share my passion and all I’ve learned with you on my website.

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