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Minimalist Nail Art For Everyone To Try!

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I’ve purposely withheld all publication of any other nail art story until I would have my nail mail ready to go live! Remember that contest I told you about? The first nail contest I ever won! Exhilarating feeling – participating in a competition, but oh! The feeling of actually winning? It’s whoa! Amazing!

Like.. I didn’t need coffee for two days! -_^ Kidding – locate your nearest Starbucks, there’s a strong chance you’ll find me there sipping on a Flat White. If I’m not there, I’ll be at home, painting my nails! Ha! Soooo Here’s my OPI Nordic collection polishes (un grand coucou! et merci a Polish my World!) and what I did with them: a minimalist nail art (two ways – you know me, I have to wear a different nail art for each hand).

opi nordic collection

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There’s really not much to say to describe how these nails came to be. I wanted the manicures to be about them, to revolve around these colors and textures. But also be wearable, new, fresh and … happy! So I got lines and dots. And a random heart wreath. I just thought it looked good in pictures – did it?

minimalist nail art stripes opi

I painted the stripes with the polish bottle brush but I wasn’t aiming at perfection. You know – I had a debate with my eldest son about ‘talent’ and more particularly about ‘painting talent’ and I told him talent is every individual’s unique perspective on painting/drawing/sculpting/anything. What’s your depiction of talent? One you could, would explain to a pre-adolescent who thinks he’s better at math than he ever was in art class?

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Oh, I digress – back to my lines. They looked so much like exclamation signs, I had to complete them with the glittery add-on. But you can totally leave that out if you want! Or not? It was just a spur of the moment move and also a way to include all four colors from the mini-set I won ^_^.

minimalist nail art dots opi

For my other hand I dotted biiiig dots also with the nail polish bottle brush. Different placements for the dots and pretty much the same color scheme as the lines – you’ll notice where the green polish is and that the chocolate is on the pinkie.

The base is a random combo of OPI polishes from several bottles that were almost empty. I poured them in a single bottle and made a cocktail of French-like polish. What? Isn’t what artistic freedom is supposed to be? Creating shapes, styles, colors? My only regret is that I can’t find this kind of color in the stores – any ideas? What should I try that would look like this base? Like slightly pink-tinted but milky-transparent? (I’ll be forever indebted to your suggestions!)

minimalist nails with opi nail polish

I’m Cecilia and I love painting my nails so much that I decided to share my passion and all I’ve learned with you on my website.

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