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Summer Nails: Neon Mandala Nail Art

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Many of us – amateurs nailistas – started this amazing journey into the heart of nail polishing because we found a creative outlet and an oasis of relaxation in the simple gesture of painting our nails. Taking things further on the nail polishing road, I come today with the next step in lacquer zen: mandala nail art!

Mandalas have been used to define the individual and the Universe in various beliefs and religions or psychiatric perspectives. I can attest to their amazing relaxation value: I painted two different mandalas design instead of an afternoon nap and I felt amazingly satisfied with the result and full of positive energy! If you’re thinking ‘she’s crazy!’ right now, you ain’t seen my nail polish stash! Wink – what name will you come up with then?

fluorescent freehand mandala nails

It all started – as you may suspect – with me wanting neon nails. Neon nails for summer – so revolutionary, right? I painted three of each hand, different color for each hand (China Glaze Heat Index on my right and Shell-O on my left hand’s nails). I left the middle and the ring fingernails white because I wasn’t sure of the right accent to go with these neon beauties

neon mandala fluorescent paints

It’s hard to find the right kind of nail art for neons that won’t take the color shine away – glitter will definitely outshine them and I wanted something that’ll make them pop even more, not dull their magic! So I started to play with some fluorescent paints I got from Ikea a while back directly on the white nails I already covered with my favorite art-enhancing matte topcoat and before I knew it, I had a mandala right there! Contoured it with black thin stripes and couldn’t stop staring at those fabulous fluorescent nails!

aztec neon nails mandala

Needless to say I felt adventurous enough to start a different mandala design on my right hand’s nails and the result was half Aztec, half mandala… Not quite what I was aiming for, but very catchy nonetheless! The next day we went out at the pool (the kids were begging for some water sliding) and I got so many compliments, I already have a couple of friends who can’t wait to get the same nails! My accidental mandalas were fantastic!

neon nails mandala aztec

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how to neon mandala summer nails tutorial

I’m Cecilia and I love painting my nails so much that I decided to share my passion and all I’ve learned with you on my website.


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