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Stamped Nails: Mysterious Pond Mani

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Another week, another special stamping story created just for Seasonails by my special friend and stamping reference: Sasha! Summer is still one of our favorite mani inspirations and this time Sasha conceived a special nail art she called ‘The Mysterious Pond Mani’! It’s fabulous, as always, so let’s hear her talk us into the mysterious of the stamped pond:

For this week’s nail art, I used: nail polish remover, cotton pads, lint roller (for cleaning the stamper between stamping), base coat top coat, ultrafine micro holo glitter top coat, red crelly nail polish, sheer red jelly polish, nail polish corrector pen, silver holo brighties (like facetted studs), orange wood stick, stamper, scraper/old store card, stamping image plates, white stamping polish.

stamping nail art supplies

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As always, I started off with clean, oil-free nails. I base coated them and applied my coat of red crelly polish. When that was dry, I stamped images of swirly floral vines on all my nails. Next was a layer of the sheer red jelly polish and on top of that, I put my ultra fine holo microglitter layer, and I topcoated it with the fast drying top coat (the more layers of polish used in between the layers of stamped images, the more depth you’re creating).

red jelly nails prepared for stamping

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When that was dry (should only take a few minutes because of the fast drying top coat), I stamped another image of the floral vines onto the nails and I repeated the steps (sheer red jelly polish, ultra fine holo microglitter top coat on top, and applied the fast drying top coat once more.)

red white stamped nails summer

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jelly stamped red nails holo topper

The final layer of stamping comes next. For this, I chose cute butterflies images. I used two brighties on top of the body of the butterfly on my ring finger, because I’m really ocd for needing an accent nail. I topped everything with one last layer of the sheer red jelly. Only this time I didn’t use the holo glitter, because I was going for a subtle holo glitter effect which was only truly visible when looking closely at in a direct light source (wait, did I really say that?). So I just topped it off with a nice coat of my fast drying, glossy top coat to bring the pond to life. Of course I moisturized my cuticles and then my gazing in the mysterious depths of my personal summer pond began…

double stamped summer pond nails

I hope you all have a lovely summer, with lots of pick-nicks, preferably near some cool pond! And if you’re at the beach, don’t forget the beach nails I stamped a little while back! Liefs,see you next time, Sasha!

butterflies stamped summer nails pond

Thank you so much Sasha for yet another amazing design! The Mysterious Pond Nails are so original and special, I really hope they will inspire your next mani!

I’m Cecilia and I love painting my nails so much that I decided to share my passion and all I’ve learned with you on my website.


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