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Fashion Nails: Zac Posen Iris Spring Summer Nail Art

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As Summer is so much about sunshine and flowers, I seem to be passionate about yellow in my summer nail art! And after a brief passage through the kitchen (nod to my Watermelon Summer Nails) and a good stamping beach time with our Resident Stamping Specialist, it’s time to get the flowers nails back! This week’s Fashion Nails are inspired by a design proposed by Zac Posen in his Spring Summer 2015 collection!

The delicate bearded Iris flower is so beautiful and it comes in so many colors – it’s also really easy to paint – and for that you can use acrylic colors – they’re so much more forgiving than straight-up nail polish! Obviously, the best part of using acrylics is that when you’re not satisfied with the result, you can always wipe away with rubbing alcohol and paint again. Yellow, white and a pinch of green on a base or Zoya Kendal with a simple yellow accent nail (for the sweater part).

floral nails supplies

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After I painted the gorgeous base color (the Zoya), I used the white acrylic to paint the first layer of the flowers – the yellow of the petals needs a white base layer to pop! Don’t overthink the positioning of the iris blooms, it’s important to create a natural impression by not-aligning them too much – just like you see on the Zac Posen skirt. Also – leave the green for the end, when the petals are finished.

iris nails

Combine the yellow with white (and/or a second shade of yellow) as much as you have to in order to obtain the desired color matching Zac Posen’s skirt. Notice the darker edges – that creates movement and depth. It’s important to use various shades of the same nuance because otherwise your design will be flat and unrealistic.The darker yellow can go around the edges to suggest a shadow, thus shaping the actual petal’s natural curved shape.

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Long story short, this ZAC by Zac Posen SS15 inspired summer nail art is easier than it may look at first sight. You can use a textured yellow for the accent nail (I wish I had Zoya’s Solange Pixie Dust for that – it’s my secret Santa Wish – all the Pixies!).

fashion nails flowers

I’m Cecilia and I love painting my nails so much that I decided to share my passion and all I’ve learned with you on my website.

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