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Stamping Sunday: Christmas Easy Stamped Nails

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Hi fellow nail art addicts!
This time I have two holiday manis for you, because I couldn’t just pick one….. I have a red one and a green one, so it couldn’t be much more holiday than that! Starting with the red one with lovely stars. Nice thing about this one is that it is still wearable after Xmas is over and done.

I used nail polish remover (to get rid of my “old” mani), a bit of alcohol to really clean the nail surface, a base coat to protect your nails from staining, a base color (metallic red), a glitter polish (I used red and gold glitter polish), black (stamping) polish, an image plate for stamping, a stamper, a scraper, a peel off glitter base (to reduce the clean up after the stamping), a cosmetic sponge, a special top coat for stamping, a quick dry, high gloss top coat, an orange wood stick, a corrector pen, a file and cotton pads.

Christmas stamped nails

First I made sure my nails were clean from the previous mani, so I used nail polish remover. When the polish is already off for some time, it can be wise to clean the nails with some alcohol, so no oils are on the nails (oils prevent polish to adhere to the nail surface). I filed my nails to get the shape I wanted, got rid of the filing dust and applied a layer of base coat. When the base is dry, polish all the nails with two coats of the metallic red (let it dry a bit between the layers). Don’t they look gorgeous?

stamping tools burgundy nails

Apply some glitter polish onto the sponge and dab the glitter carefully at the tips of the nails, creating a gradient of glitter. just as shown. If preferred, top coat this and stop here, for it’s already a gorgeous mani. But I wouldn’t be Sasha if I didn’t decide to do some stamping…..

gold glitter burgundy nails sasha s

First put some peel off glitter base around the nail to reduce the clean up after stamping. This can also be done with taping off the cuticle area. I chose some lovely star image, put some black (stamping) polish on the image, scraped over the image, picked the image up and pressed it carefully onto the nail on the ring finger. Now it’s time for peeling off the peel off glitter base. And clean up never was easier!!!

stars stamped nails sasha s tutorial

After stamping, I always use a special top coat for stamping (so that the smearing of the image is reduced as much as possible) and when that’s dried, I top coat everything with a nice thick layer of a quick drying, high gloss top coat and use some cuticle oil on the cuticles. Final result below: Tadaa!!!!

gold glitter burgundy stamped christmas nails

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My second holiday mani for you is a dark green mani with a cute little gold pine tree. I got mani compliments when I had it on!
In picture 1 you see all the items I used pretty much the same things as the above, save for the base color (dark green cream) and the glitter polish (I used dark green and holo micro glitter polish).

green stamped nails tools

After cleaning my nails, applying my base coat and letting it dry, I polished all the nails with two coats of the green cream polish (let it dry a bit between the layers). When dry, I applied two layers of a super fun green and holo microglitter to all of my nails, let that dry for a bit and I applied the first layer of top coat. Because glitter polishes tend to “eat” a lot of top coat, it is always wise to top off glitters with at least two layers of top coat.

sasha s green nails with glitter

Then I made a decal out of the image of the cute little pine tree with black (stamping) polish on the image, scraped it off and picked it up with my stamper. After it dried a little bit, I grabbed filled in the tree with a dotting tool and gold metallic polish and left it to dry again. Top coat it with quick dry coat.

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When the image is dry and ready to be taken off of the stamper, I first put a layer of (not fast drying) top coat on the nail I want the image on, to act as a sticky layer to “glue” the image onto the nail. Then I carefully took the image from the stamper with some tweezers (start at the edges and if it’s dry enough, the image will peel off of the stamper in one piece), I turned the image so that the gorgeous side faced up, I placed it into the slightly wet polish on the accent nail and carefully pressed the image with my finger to make sure the whole image was flat on the nail.

green glitter gold christmas tree stamped nails

After that I applied a nice thick layer of quick drying, high gloss (I’m a sucker for glossy nails….) top coat. When that dried, I applied some cuticle oil to my cuticles and my cute holiday mani was a fact, as you can see for yourself!

I’m Cecilia and I love painting my nails so much that I decided to share my passion and all I’ve learned with you on my website.

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