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Red Checkered Nails: Chinese New Year Mani

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There’s something with me and abstract nails design. I feel the abstract calling every now and then and I have to give in to that dry brush, that chaotic stroke, that unruly polishing. Maybe that’s the very reason I suck at stamping – because I’m a chaos-embracing kind of nailista?

You tell me, you’ve seen me at work! This abstract time it’s about the Chinese New Year: Happy New Year! The Lunar Year, the Chinese New Year, the Year of the (fire) Monkey is starting this very Monday, February 8th! And what better way to celebrate than by drawing a brush-stroke filled red and gold nail art?

opi red french base for chinese new year

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My all-time favorite red, the Red Hot Rio and the neutral see-through for the accent nails – this is where my Chinese New Year manicure starts! And to make it, I used the same red and a gold copper (OPI With a Nice Finnish) which I enhanced with copper glitter lines (Jordana The Stylist) to add depth and also a few lines from diluted OPI’s Lincoln Park at Midnight.

abstract checkered nails

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As it’s a checkered design, the abstract brushes are disposed as to form a square-like pattern. The thin lines and the gold glitter are used to create a texture game and to add dimension to an otherwise flat manicure. Truth being told, flat or not, this is one of the easiest, fail-free manicures out there and as always, when it comes to abstract design, I’m definitely suggesting you give it a try!

chinese new year checkered nails

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It’ s a Chinese New Year themed manicure, but nothing stops you from wearing it any other day or experimenting with any other color. I may be doing it again some other day with different shades of nail polish. Textures, glitters, anything is possible! Happy New Year, enjoy the festivities, stay safe and warm (and even if you’re not celebrating the Chinese New Year, have an amazing new week!)

red gold chinese new year manicure

I’m Cecilia and I love painting my nails so much that I decided to share my passion and all I’ve learned with you on my website.

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