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Delicate Valentine’s Day Flowers Spring Nails

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Finally February, huh? We’re a step closer to Spring, going further and further from the snow and the cold. Which means thaaaat (drumroll please!) Valentine’s Day is just around the corner! Are you ready yet? Is your heart shaped-anything in plain sight?

Hearts and pink décor is going to be all over my nail room too, I’m getting things started this week – garlands, wreaths, flowers, all that. What about my nails then? Well, I was thinking about this particularly delicate floral manicure in pink and ivory – what do you think? Is it V-Day suited?

supplies for nail art

OPI and Orly helped me get the base all pretty as you can see above. For the rest, I needed some white, some pink, glitter and a lot of polish thinner. It’s where the magic happens – in the thinned polish! Last year I did pretty much the same thing with watercolors.

flower nails for spring drawing petals

And I know you might ask yourselves why I didn’t use watercolors for this one as well – the answer is simple (I think) – watercolors based manicures have a nasty habit of being short-lived on my fingers. So I tried with nail polish hoping it will last me longer than 3 days. Cause you know, I’ll be decking for V Day and it’s not good to hang paper garlands with wet nails ^_^ …

spring pink flowers nails

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Oh, where are my manners – let me talk you through the nail art: so it’s basically a try-and-error process. Thin out your nail polish and then apply on the nail. If the consistency is where you want it, work from there, if not, improvise! I think some flowers could’ve been better, and that’s why I did the pink flowers on the accent nails. I just wasn’t completely happy with my white flowers? What do you think?

delicate flowers nails petals glitter

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Oh, the dots are OPI’s Lincoln Park After Midnight and the fine lines are also OPI’s LPAM with a looooot of nail thinner. Thin lines – thin polish. That’s the magic formula. You can’t have fine lines in any other case! The glitter is a last resort gimmick, in a desperate move to make my flowers nails more appealing.
Did I get it right? For V-day or more likely for Spring?

delicate pink spring flowers nails

I’m Cecilia and I love painting my nails so much that I decided to share my passion and all I’ve learned with you on my website.


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