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Snow Stars Winter New Year’s Eve Nails

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Yes, another day, another ‘nails two ways’ from Seasonails! Oh, that sounds so cool for a tv clip, doesn’t it? Superbowl halftime quality! ^_^

Just kidding, of course! But if you know someone who’s willing to offer Seasonails a free spot in the much envied halftime ad block at the Superbowl next year, I wouldn’t mind one bit! What? It’s the season, right? If I don’t wish for crazy things around Christmas, when would I? Back with the nails – blue nails for winter, how original, right? ^_^

winter nails blue white seasonails

Can’t help it, though, Zoya’s Pixie Dust Liberty is one of my favorite nail polishes ever and I will hold on to it till the end of time! But I will also paint my nails with it every now and then. For special occasions only! Christmas and New Year’s Eve sound like one of those! Notice I only used the Pixie Dust for 3 nails on each hand. Because I don’t want to run out of it. Haha! Nah! Kidding again! I want to experiment more with the asymmetrical accent nails so I tried two different accent nails on each hand.

seasonails winter nails step by step

There’s really no reason in choosing this or that nail as the accent, I go with the inspiration of the moment. So on a matte white base (regular white polish topped with matte topcoat) I painted pink snowflakes on one hand and pink stars on the other! And they’re so cool, complimenting each-other snow and stars, all winter, all magic, you know?

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The pink is also Zoya Sweet and the snowflakes turned out beautiful, with a thin striping nail art brush, complete with blue Pixie Dust dots. Matte topcoat and it’s such a cool nail art, I’m telling you, snowflakes are something else on the nail!

snowflake winter nails how to

But so are stars, and if you get the chance to paint some, don’t hesitate, your nails will shine bright and your eyes will smile every time you see your nails! I first painted my stars with the same pink as the snowflakes. But.. something was missing. So I painted over them with a gorgeous Catrice Crushed Diamonds my friend Sasha sent to me – you know, our resident stamping specialist! She knows how to melt my heart, I can tell you that much!

freehand stars winter nails seasonails

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Once my stars were covered with the Crushed Diamonds, they were perfect! Dotting with Pixie Dust, covering in matte topcoat and… I’ll definitely try this one in the future, with different colors! Such a beautiful nail art! In a world of stencils, stamps, decals and wraps, whoever decides to go freehand on a nail seems like an adventurous person, doesn’t it?

freehand stars pink blue winter nails

And I’m not saying that just because I suck at stamping or because I haven’t had the courage to buy the decals I dream of! Go out and be adventurous, try freehand for a change! It doesn’t have to be complicated or intricate! It certainly doesn’t have to be perfect, just dare to try it and enjoy it! Have a yourself a Merry Little Christmas and a Happy New Year! Love you all! Be happy, be safe!

snowflakes pink blue winter nails

I’m Cecilia and I love painting my nails so much that I decided to share my passion and all I’ve learned with you on my website.


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