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Movie Nails: Penguins Of Madagascar Easy Nail Art

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Now that Christmas is past us, that our New Year’s Eve hangover is gone too, there’s one thing left to do: figure out the New Year’s new nail art!

Resolutions, decisions: what to do? I focused on what I love for this one! (no, the answer is not ‘penguins’!) and once I asked myself that question, I came up with a quick answer: I love movies! With a soft spot for animations and a seasonal theme , the Penguins of Madagascar came as the natural choice!

penguins of madagascar movie poster

A really simple nail art with just black and white (and a tint of orange and blue for the accent nail), are you ready? I used a white OPI base (as you’ve seen before, I keep OPI as a basic reference for any Nail Care Routine) and taped the nails to create the wide stripes effect you’ve seen in the movie poster!

white nails black accent art base

Two wide black stripes on the sides of the nail will create a wonderful slimming effect, tricking the eyes into seeing a longer, leaner nail. Fancy, huh? Now that all the nails are striped and top-coated, let’s tackle the accent penguin-nail!

striping nails for art

Meet Skipper! The leader of the Penguins! He’s always having his secret agenda, he’s always the Penguin with a Plan! Start by painting your (white nail) black. Once the black polish dry, take your solid white and apply an irregular 8-shape on the nail – don’t worry if it looks uneven, you’ll be able to correct it with a nail art brush once you’ve figured out the penguin’s face.

penguins of madagascar skipper nails

Start by painting the eyes – big blue dot on which you apply a smaller white dot and top it with an even smaller black dot. Nice, huh? Now, with a fine brush and a bit of orange polish (or acrylics) let’s do the orange bill, specific to the Gentoo Penguins species which is remarkably similar to Skipper! You have to practice this one a bit on a piece of paper as it goes side-to-side to achieve that specific smirk. I will upload a video, drawing the penguin on a piece of paper to make it clearer than it is on the nail – the shimmering of polish makes it difficult to see exactly how to draw Skipper’s beak, but until then, here’s the step-by-step video tutorial of the Skipper nail.

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If you got the bill right, save a little orange for the feet and all you need is to add the wings – there’s no difficulty there. Topcoat it and there you have – your own penguin movie nails inspired by Penguins of Madagascar! They’re a huuuge hit with kids, don’t be surprised if they stop and stare at your digits, smile and Skipper on!

penguins of madagascar nails tutorial step by step

I’m Cecilia and I love painting my nails so much that I decided to share my passion and all I’ve learned with you on my website.

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