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Winter Easy Nail Art: Silver Lining Clouds Mani

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The Awards Season is literally upon us and who can’t say that the Red Carpet watch isn’t thrilling? I enjoy the endless parades of glamorous dresses just as much as I enjoy the movies for which the honors are being awarded.

One of my favorite movies was Silver Lining Playbook (remember how sweet Jennifer Lawrence was in that movie?) and so I merged that passion for movies and the one for nail art into a cold season mani depicting the (fall and) winter skies. Because every cloud has a silver lining!

neutral nails zoya kendal

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It’s one of the easiest nail art techniques that’s just as versatile as it is failproof! You need a cream base to evoke the theme of your choosing and two (or more) colors to bring out the accent in the nail art. Since it’s a winter-manicure, I went for a grey-lavender cream base with Zoya Kendal (one of my favorite nail art base colors, as you’ve already seen it in my girly gradient mani). Next I wanted to make the silver lining so I randomly picked a silver nail polish, metallic and opaque enough to make a difference on the base color.

zoya kendal lavender nails for winter nail art

For the actual cloud, I chose a creamy white, not snow-crisp but milk-like – Orly Pink Whisper did that for me. I know it has a name which would make you suspect a pink tint, but there’s none there! Just a sweet, subtle buttery shimmer! And lastly, because glitter makes everything better, I added some loose white-silver holo glitter on the ring fingernail.

glitter for winter nail art

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The way this works is really intuitive and requires no taping, no other tools save for the brush provided in the nail polish bottle! You simply paint lines as wide as the brush paints starting each line upper towards the free tips as to create a ladder effect. After the first color dried out, it’s time to apply the second color following the same ‘complicated’ technique, with initial starting point upper than the first ladder. There’s no ideal outskirt dimension – it’s entirely up to you if you want to make the ladder even or not, like I did!

silver lining clouds winter nail art with glitter

Finish by topcoating the nails and adding the loose glitter (followed by topcoat) on the accent nail. Ta-dah! Every winter nail art has its silver lining!

silver lining clouds nails how to

I’m Cecilia and I love painting my nails so much that I decided to share my passion and all I’ve learned with you on my website.


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