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Fall Nail Art: Thanksgiving Cascade Mani

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When Thanksgiving is just around the corner and preparations are in tow, there’s hardly enough time to breathe, let alone time to do complicated nail art! So how about an incredibly simple manicure you can wear any day of fall, even for Thanksgiving, as still look like you’ve just visited a nail salon?

Choose three different colors reminding of the wonderful palette nature is exposing right now: I went for green, orange, purple and gold. All that on a beige neutral base (Orly Blushalicious).

orly blushalicious neutral nails

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On a clean surface, I put two drops of each color and a drop of nail polish thinner. I used the really long and lean brush for striping and dipped just a the tip in the desired color and then striping randomly at the base of the nail. The ideal movement would allow the stripes to thin out when going up the nail. But either way you get it, it’s right!

fall nail art supplies

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After striping with each color, it’s time to bring the gold glitter stripes, to make the nails shine and look even more spectacular! Look at those beautiful stripes – don’t they remind you of fall forests? I truly think they depict the colors of this wonderful season! And the palette is soothing, there’s nothing radical or too contrasting, just subtle games of color!

cascade fall nail art

For the accent nail, I used a shimmery topcoat (Orly Citrine Cheer) and a purple stud appliqué. We don’t want to make an excess mani, we just want to make our nails look pretty and season-appropriate without too much fuss!

orly citrine cheer gold glitter nail art

But you can use this particular type of nail art for many occasions and in colors-themed. You can opt for blue, white and silver for winter, for neons for summer or pastels for spring/Easter! Your imagination (and your nail polish stash) is the limit! Have fun!

fall nail art

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fall thanksgiving nails how to

I’m Cecilia and I love painting my nails so much that I decided to share my passion and all I’ve learned with you on my website.

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