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Red Carpet Nails: Greer Grammer Pink Gold Glam Mani

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January kicks off the Awards season! Movies and TV series we love and watch get recognition and the wonderful people interpreting a myriad of characters get well-deserved praises for their acting! I’ve always loved the big or the small screen movies and the fabulous parade of glam and glitz on the Red Carpet.

For some time, I not only notice the dresses, the shoes, the jewelry, hair & makeup but always keep an eye out for the nails! And at this edition of the Golden Globes, I noticed the beautiful nails worn by Greer Grammer, Miss Golden Globes 2015!

pink nails zoya sweet

You may know her from MTV’s show ‘Awkward’, or simply get that familiar feeling because of her (last) name – Greer is Kelsey Grammer’s daughter, now an actress in her own right, at just 22! Back to the nails, though – as being the one who gives the awards on the Golden Globes stage, Greer chose a beautiful Lorena Sarbu blush dress with golden embroidery, just like her nails, also blush pink with golden glitter!

pink nails zoya opi step right up

What can be more glamorous and still girly at the same time than glitter on pink? I started out to replicate the nails before I realized I didn’t actually own such a blush pink! So I painted my nails in a bubblegum pink base (Zoya Sweet) and after they dried out, I overcoated them with OPI Step Right Up – a lightly pink tinted milky lacquer. I so obtained a new shade of nail polish I didn’t own by overlapping two I already own – always be clever and keep your options open, you might discover that you already have the solution to a polish problem!

pink gold glitter glam nails

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Now that I have my blush base ready, it’s time for Glitter! I applied nail art gold glitter and covered it in loose gold glitter. But if you have gold glitter polish, feel free to use that! I wanted to be playful and use different glitters to maximize the glam effect, remember I love playing with loose glitters to create really catchy manis for any occasion! Make your accent nail (ring fingernail) full glitter, just like Greer’s! Topcoat it and you’re ready for the Red Carpet with this glamorous mani!

pink gold glitter red carpet nails

red carpet nails tutorial

I’m Cecilia and I love painting my nails so much that I decided to share my passion and all I’ve learned with you on my website.

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