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Movie Inspired Nails: Chappie & Die Antwoord Yo-Landi Mani

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It’s been a while since the last movie inspired nail art! Let’s make up for that with my latest movie crush – Chappie! I loved this one so much that it inspired me to do two different manis, not just one! There’s no spoiler involved, so you can scroll down with me even if you haven’t seen the movie yet!

First of all, a really simple, minimalist manicure with an all-white base and a freehand drawing! It’s my favorite type of nail art, one that’s significant, artistic yet so simple and so sophisticated all at once!

chappie movie nails

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Inspired by a tshirt worn by Yo-Landi (from Die Antwoord), one of the main characters from the Chappie movie, the black drawing of a robot is self-explanatory as it tries to depicts the story’s main player and conflict at the same time. I spiced up the other fingers by placing some red hearts at the base. You can skip that step or add different decorations, I was just so moved by this film’s emotional message, I had to pour my heart into this design!

chappie nail art

I used acrylic paint and a striping nail art brush for the robot drawing. Although it’s a freehand design, I admit I first sketched a couple of robots on paper, just to get the hang of it! Freehand study, if you will! You can use nail polish to draw the robot, I went for acrylics because they’re more forgiving and you can quickly repair any hypothetical mess if you don’t get the drawing right from the first try!

chappie drawing nails

The second design is just as simple: pastel nails! Also seen on Yo-Landi in Chappie, this time however, on her very nails! Throughout the entire movie, Die Antwoord’s feminine half shows a contrasting preference for pastels and girly things although her way of life would suggest the contrary! Her nails are painted in light blue, yellow and pink, on a rather pointy shape!

yolandi visser chappie nails

I would love to show you how I achieved this particular palette, but I’m afraid it would simply take too long to elaborate as all the colors are custom-made! Yes – can you believe Easter is almost upon us and I have no pastels in my nail polish stash? (can’t believe I said that!) I’m a resourceful girl, though, and as you’ve seen me before, I like playing with nail polishes and create custom colors!

chappie die antwoord yolandi nails

I’ll walk you through a short-version of how I did my pastel Yolandi inspired nails: I started with an all white base (OPI Alpine Snow) and added two coats of: China Glaze Isle See You Later on the thumb and ring fingernail. Next up: Jordana Sweetheart on my middle fingernail and for the pinky and index fingernails a sheer yellow no-name nail polish I had at the bottom of my nail polish box. As the yellow wasn’t pastel-enough, I covered it with two coats of Revlon Sheer Pink and I got exactly what I was trying to obtain.

easiest easter pastel nails

Long story short – if you want pastels, cover up the solid color with a milky white or pink-tinted nail polish and you might get away with a soft shade of the original! Pastels are definitely on my polish wishlist but I have yet to configure a budget for them as my heart is set on Zoya…

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I hope you’ll find my new nails inspiring and – hopefully – you’ll go watch Chappie if you haven’t already! Let me know how you feel about the nail art, the movie and… the music! (I have a soft spot for Die Antwoord!)

I’m Cecilia and I love painting my nails so much that I decided to share my passion and all I’ve learned with you on my website.

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