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The Perfect Bridal Wedding Nails!

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When the big day approaches, there’s one appointment you can get off that list: the manicurist! You can make your very own fabulous bridal nails and look like you just stepped out of the nail salon!

I had a classic white dress for my wedding, with a crisp white veil and I painted my nails with an equally white French manicure. The classic kind. But as I was just explaining, there are so many French manicures to choose from! My favorite is the Gradient French or the Baby Boomer. I so chose it to be my bridal nails base!

perfect wedding nails

Whether you’ll wear an ivory wedding dress or any other color, these are the perfect bridal nails, versatile and appropriate for any wedding theme you’ll choose! The only things you’ll need are: the nail polish matching your color theme (i.e white/silver, white/gold or any other color you chose for your wedding dress & accessories),the coordinate rhinestone matching the theme (i.e clear for white/silver and iridescent for gold or any other color) and topcoat (the glitter is optional but highly recommended).

how to wedding bridal nails

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The ‘wedding band’ design on the wedding ringfinger is easily done with a striping nail art brush or with the brush provided in nail art polish bottles. It needs to be a freehand design, even if you don’t trust your straight lines without adhesive guides, this particular (wedding) occasion asks for everything you can do with your hand. While the stripe is still wet, you need to place the rhinestone and top it with (clear) topcoat. You needn’t add glitter as the design must stand out on its own.

wedding bridal nails how to

For the rest of the nails, you either add loose glitter or topcoat with glitter topcoat and seal with quick dry or extra shine topcoat. It’s a very simple manicure that compliments the hand and elongate the nails, very subtle yet highly effective for that special day!

wedding bridal nails white silver

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fabulous wedding bridal nails

perfect wedding nails how to step by step

I’m Cecilia and I love painting my nails so much that I decided to share my passion and all I’ve learned with you on my website.

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