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Stamped Manicure: Pirates Treasure Map Nail Art

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Another week, another fantastic nail art from our Stamping Specialist: Sasha! perfect for Spring, perfect for Saint Patrick’s Day, perfect for an adventurous vacation: these nails are flawless and fabulous! I’ll leave it to Sasha to explain how she achieved this mani!

Today I have an awesome Pirate’s Treasure Map mani for you! A mani I didn’t expect to like as much as I did… I had this on for like four or five days, and that is very long in my case!

stamping pirates map supplies

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As always, let’s review the items I used: nail polish remover, cotton pads, base coat, top coat, off white polish, shimmery turquoise polish, brown stamping polish, transfer foil glue, matte topcoat, pirate’s image water decals, small scissors, nail polish remover corrector pen, cuticle oil pen.

stamping pirates treasure map

Let’s get started with this aaaahr-some mani!
I first prepared the images, because they needed some time to dry and the time that I cleaned, base coated, polished and top coated my nails was just about enough for that to keep on moving…. I put some dark brown stamping polish on the image, scraped the polish over the entire image with my old store card, picked the image up with my stamper and left it sitting there.

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I used several stampers, so I could make all the “self made stamping decals” at once. Then I carefully filled in the “ocean areas” in the image on the stampers with the turquoise polish. For this I used the brush of the polish. Don’t use too much polish on the brush, because this must be done very carefully.

pirates treasure map neutral base

Then I let that dry and I started my mani; I cleaned my nails with nail polish remover to be sure my nails were free from any polish and/or oils and I applied my base coat. When the base coat was dry, I polished my nails with an off white polish and topped that off with quick drying top coat. When dry, I applied a thin layer of the nail foil transfer glue. This will be a sticky base for the stamped decal, without having to put a thick layer of topcoat over it.

stamped treasure map pirates mani

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When the glue is completely dry (when it has become completely clear), I was able to stamp! I chose the section of the image I liked best and I just rolled the stamper over my nails. The image was now on my nail and I did this on every nail. Then I grabbed my scissors and cut away the excess. To make the egdes neat and crisp, I used my nail polish remover corrector pen. You can also use a brush and nail polish remover or acetone.

pirates nails decals

Then I put the water decal into water and when it was soaked, I was able to slide it off of the paper backing. I placed it in the desired spot on the accent nail (as if the whole mani wasn’t an accent already!), carefully dabbed it dry and then I topcoated it. When dry, I decided to increase the edgy, old “badass” look by applying a matte top coat. Lastly I took care of my cuticles by putting some oil on them, massaged it in and there you aaaaaaaahhhhhhrrrrrr…… Enjoy!
Liefs, Sasha

stamped pirates treasure map nails

Thank you, Sasha! Your nails are absolutely amazing, as always! You can keep up with Sasha’s fantastic designs on her Facebook page.

I’m Cecilia and I love painting my nails so much that I decided to share my passion and all I’ve learned with you on my website.

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