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6 Different French Nails Designs

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Although the nail art universe got so much wider over the past years than I ever imagined possible, I still resort to French nails. The’re the perfect go-with-anything, anytime, any occasion manicure!

The classic French nails were longtime my nails of choice. My only nail art for years. Until I discovered you, guys! (virtual hug) Then even my French nails borders have expanded and I experimented with different shapes and techniques:

different french nails

The Classic French Nails
You know that although they go by the name of ‘French nails’, the ‘inventor’ of this manicure seems to be Jeff Pink who was looking for a solution to make nails look better on-screen? This was happening in the mid 70s when Jeff founded a company called Orly (after his wife) and came up with the white tipped natural looking manicure for the ever-changing actresses.

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His new manicure was exported on the Parisian catwalks, which prompted the ‘French’ label to the newly found nail art solution. Basically the classic French manicure consists of painting white solid nail polish over the smile line, the free tips of the nails and then covering it with either transparent or slightly milky nail polish.

french nails base opi

The Stiletto French Nails
Variations on the French theme have been seen over the years and since the stiletto nails are making a comeback, this type of technique is used with white polish but also with different colors, to create an edgier effect.

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The Heart Tipped French Nails
Especially around Valentine’s day, this heart-like design is very much appreciated to create love-themed manicures. It’s mostly a seasonal variation on the French manicure’s classic shape.

The Diagonal French Nails
Just a variation on the French Manicure theme, the side-French tips can be done to the left or to the right, there’s no defining rule. The diagonal white polish tips are fun and can be worn on any shape whether square tipped, oval or pointy.

five ways to do french nails

The Reversed French Tip Nails
This is the latest trend in French manicures and it involves a rounded tip painted in the color of your choice over the smile line of the free tips. As was the case with the above designs, there’s no need for fancy tools or advanced artistry, all these nail arts were done with the brush from the nail polish bottle, directly on the nail. It may take some practice at first, but once you get the hang of it, you won’t believe how easy it actually is!

baby boomer french gradient nails tutorial

The Gradient Ombre French Nails (baby boomer manicure)
Saving the best for last! Over the past years, the ombre technique has gained considerable popularity among nailistas. The gradient nails can be done in different colors with equally stunning effect, just as is the case with the white gradient, the French design type!

gradient french nails matte

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It has become my favorite French Manicure approach and it’s done using a (makeup) sponge and my usual French manicure polishes.

ombre french gradient nails

I’m Cecilia and I love painting my nails so much that I decided to share my passion and all I’ve learned with you on my website.

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