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Fashion Nails: Burberry Summer 2015 Nail Art

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Summer is here! Well at least in my mind it is! So I’m naturally looking for summer clothes to wear – and the summer nail art to match!

Going through the Spring-Summer 2015 fashion collections, one particular dress caught my eye! Since I can’t have the dress (it’s Burberry – hopelessly daydreaming!), I might go ahead and do the nails, right? And you know me by now, I do two of each! Well, I have two hands, don’t I? I hope you like my Burberry Spring Summer 2015 nails!

burberry spring summer 2015 dresses

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Pink and green! Bright, neon colors are definitely in this year (even if they weren’t, see if there would be someone to stop me from wearing neons during the hot Summer months!). The catwalks are usually a glamorous reflection of our own wardrobes (I wish!) and these Burberry dresses are something I would love to wear at any time, anywhere! (so are the sandals, can you imagine how comfortable they are? And lovely too!)

preparing colors for nail art

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Enough with the clothes, back to the nails! I started with an all-white base and rounded my watercolors (and some Ikea neons) and my trusted watercolor brushes (if you don’t have some already, you needn’t wait any longer, watercolor brushes are the best)! What followed can only be described as… fooling around with colors!

watercolor spring summer nails how to

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And it’s both rewarding and beautiful! Watercolors are so forgiving, you can play around, mess the nails, wash them off and start again! Don’t forget to use rubbing alcohol or vinegar to wipe your nails before applying the watercolors! This allows for the colors to better adhere to the nail polish surface. If you have none of the above at hand, you can always trick you way with a matte top coat!

summer watercolor green nails

I will most certainly add a tutorial with images, but what I did, basically, was to just look at the dresses and try to do the same thing on my nails. On some nails I did it better than others, but I’m perfectly fine with that, it’s a watercolor manicure, it’s supposed to look messy and bright! I have my left hand nails pink and my right hand nails green. And they look amazing together: summery, joyful and they make me smile each time I look at them!

summer pink purple watercolor nails

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Isn’t that the best part? Looking at your nails and feeling happy? (the catwalk images come from styledotcom, all others are taken by yours truly)

how to burberry nails tutorial

I’m Cecilia and I love painting my nails so much that I decided to share my passion and all I’ve learned with you on my website.

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