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Double French Nails & Nail Polish Crafts!

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I noticed a tendency about my nail art: after a manicure which covered the entire surface of the nails (like my last gemstones nails did), I choose my following nail art either in the French manicure spectrum or something involving negative space. This time it’s French!

Since I already showed you my favorite ways of painting the so-called French manicure, I wanted to bring something new to the table: the Double French. You’ll see a lot of double French nails around soon, mark my words!

base for nail art opi step right up

Building up on a semi-opaque light pink base (OPI Step Right Up!), I used Catrice Crushed Diamonds Call Me Princess to make the first French tip line, with a nail art brush. Although I usually go for the nail bottle brush to paint the French tips, the one provided in the Catrice bottle is really thick and unfit for a thin French line!

double french nails pink purple

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I painted over the smile line but also coming down on the sides, to create that long oval shape that’s so in right now! The second French line, with Catrice Crushed Diamonds Plumdogmillionaire follows the shape of the pink contour, creating a beautiful, dramatic nail art. For this line I used the same nail art brush (for the same reasons). You can use French tips guides if you want a perfectly even manicure. I painted my nails French for many, many years so I feel really at ease with this freehand technique.

double french nails pink grey

I think you know by now that I’m a rare nails bird and I paint my other hand’s nails a different color. This is no exception! I painted my right hand’s nails with the same Double French, except I used Zoya London Pixie Dust instead of PLUMdogMillionaire. It gives a more delicate, subtle look, equally gorgeous and wearable!

watermarble with polish

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nail polish watermarble

Now that I’ve done my nails, I felt like trying some polish crafts – have you ever tried to tie-dye your cups? I did! With nail polish, biensur! I enjoyed photographing the process so much, I couldn’t keep it just for myself! So here’s the end result: both nails and cups! Do try! It’s really fun to do!

tie die cup

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tie dye cups with polish

I’m Cecilia and I love painting my nails so much that I decided to share my passion and all I’ve learned with you on my website.

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