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Gemstones Marbled Perfumed Nail Art

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You already know I favor free-hand nail art! More so if it’s easy to do and doesn’t require a ton of tools and supplies! So if you’re into that as well, scroll down to see how simple it actually is to do the amazingly sophisticated marbled stone nails!

This is a particularly forgiving design, perfect for Spring and Easter but also for any other season (and so many different colors too!). You’ll need your base color (I opted for blue and mint green), some gold and silver polishes, black and a water for marbling. Also – the thing that’ll make this nail art possible: eau de perfume!

gemstones marbled nails supplies

There’s a secret to water-marbling. At least in my case. Still, bottled water at room temperature. Drip your (cream) polishes in water close to the surface or else the drop will fall all the way to the bottom of your recipient! So I prepared my water and painted my base color. When it dried out, I dabbed some silver and gold on the surface, here and there. You can either use a ball of cling film like I did or the brush from the nail polish bottle, carefully squeezing out the excess and dabbing two-three times on the nail.

stone marbled nails how to

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Drop your black nail polish in the water – I found that two drops work better, they produce a darker marbled effect. Take your Eau de Perfume and spray it over the water surface where the spread-out polish is. Spray once, wait to see if it starts to break a part. Add a second spritz if you think the breaking isn’t fine enough to look like a decent marbled effect. Now dip your nails – you can go as far as dipping three nails at once, or take it one at the time.

stone marbled nails water marbled how to

It looks messy. But a wonderful kind of messy! Clean all that up and seal it with a topcoat!

blue stone marbled nail art

Now if you want to make it even more natural, more striking, you can add ice-effect loose glitter, like I did! Just a couple of glitters here and there, to create that crystal texture from rough, raw gemstones! I have this turquoise loose glitter I really love and used both on my blue marbled and on the mint marbled as well. Because of its particular iridescence, it goes great with both colors.

green gemstones pastel marbled nails

And yes, just in case you’re wondering: I am wearing blue on my right hand nails and green on my left hand nails. I do that a lot. I love wearing mismatched colors in identical nail art designs. I get bored easily with my nail art and this is how I actually make my manis last twice as long: today I look at the left hand and tomorrow I’ll look at my right hand’s nails and pretend I have a fresh mani!

blue stone marbled nails

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Oh, and don’t be afraid to use your favorite perfume to do this marbled! Even if you seal it with the topcoat, the perfume goes through and your nails will smell heavenly a couple of days in a row! Amazing, right? Let me know if you tried it and what was your experience with the gemstones marbled perfumed nail art!

I’m Cecilia and I love painting my nails so much that I decided to share my passion and all I’ve learned with you on my website.


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