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Colorful Marbled & Flowers Nails

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September, huh? Well, what do you know – I’m not ready to let go of Summer! Summer nails will still remain with me for a while! The bright, the cheerful, the colorful neons and flowers, that’s what I’m talking about!

I know it hasn’t been long since my last neon manicure, but for me it actually felt like an eternity! Especially because in-between I was busy praying that my phone would recover after I dropped it in water (insert crying thunders). Now it just lights itself up every couple of seconds, like a tiny Christmas Tree.

purple polishes white nails preparing nail art

So I couldn’t start a fall nail art series, I had to keep my spirits up with neon nails, right? And here I am, on a crispy white base (Opi’s Alpine Snow covered with a quick dry topcoat and matte topcoat for the two middle fingers). Three marbled nails with cling film with various shades of purple and a sparkly silver frosty nail polish I came across in my stash without remembering how it came to be there (you can see how I did the marbled effect in this quick video here)…

dry marbled with purple nail polish

It’s basically a random dots affair which you then press gently with the cling film to blend in the colors and obtain a so-called dry marbled you’ve seen me do before. This time, however, the marbled nails are not the accent nails, au contraire! They sustain watercolor flowery art on the middle fingernails.

watermarble flowers nail art

The old soak and absorb magic trick I’ve used to create the flowers is so simple and the result is always beautiful. Use a watercolor paint brush to paint some petal-shapes on the (matte) nail and then use another brush, completely dry, to absorb the watercolor you just painted. In case you don’t obtain the desired transparency, just add water. Watercolors dilute endlessly, so don’t be afraid to repeat the soak&absorb operation!

watermarble flowers purple nail art

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Glitter to add sparkle for the marbled nails and simple topcoat for the flowers (oh, the black dots are also made with black paint, no polish). As you know me, my other hand is keeping the same art line but not the same color, so while my left hand nails have a purple theme, my right hand’s nails are all about pink!

pink glitter watermarble flowers nail art

I was happy with the bright result, I’m definitely feeling like I have summer at my fingertips and although I know it won’t last long, I plan on enjoying it as much as weather-y possible! Have a great, warm September, keep he sunshine in your hearts (and the sandals near)!

matching nails to shoes sandals

pink flowers marbled glitter nails

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flowers narbled purple nail art

I’m Cecilia and I love painting my nails so much that I decided to share my passion and all I’ve learned with you on my website.

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