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Easiest Summer Nail Art!

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Me, my nail polish stash and my nails: the daily dilemma! You know how some women agonize about their next outfit? I’m right there – except instead of outfit it’s my next manicure! Do you go through that inspiration-less agony too?

I knew I wanted something bright and summery, I cling onto every hot day now, I know I’ll miss them all later! So neon must be this time! I gather round all my neons and totally incapable of choosing or mixing, I just painted each nail a different color.

bright neon nail polish for summer

No special order, no pattern overlay, no dashing rainbow or exquisite ombre, each nail one color. Paint. Let dry. Paint again. Let dry. Cover in glitter topper. Let dry. You’re done!

bright neons glitter topper sunlight

Was that complicated? I remember doing something similar for Easter, except with pastels – each nail a different pastel color, now it’s time for neons summer nails! It must be the easiest nail art ever and yet I got so many compliments wearing it! And those who weren’t used to bright nails or nail art were just staring at my nails with such dedication that their eyes were popping out! I’m proud of my skittles, they’re bright, happy, easy to do and perfectly summer-appropriate!

neon summer nails glitter topcoat

Like coloring crayons or m&m sweet bits, my colorful nails make me happy when I look at them and they oddly go well with many of my outfits (which are on the grey&dar side for the most part – I think I compensate with my nails color). It’s a short nail art story today, simple and great for hot days or for playful days! Let me know what you think and if you already tried the skittles before (and how was the nail art received by onlookers)!

bright neon summer nails easiest summer nail art

I’m Cecilia and I love painting my nails so much that I decided to share my passion and all I’ve learned with you on my website.


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