Swatching Pink: Cuccio Turkish Delight

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When your inspiration is going on vacation, what are you to do: go sans polish until it comes back or take the first opportunity train and have a fabulous ride?

My nails inspiration decided to take a hike and leave me to a box full of polishes with no idea what to wear next! It’s worse than having a closet filled with Chanel & Dior clothes – you don’t see people wearing Chanel and Dior every day everywhere! But I see people wearing nail polish! Everywhere! And now they’re more than ever! Gorgeous nail art, fabulous lacquer, pretty digits all around! and I? starring at my stash, with no clue!

one coat pink cuccio turkish delight

And then friends come to the rescue! My cousin brought me a handful of nail polishes! For me! I hug her like kids would hug Santa! Bless her heart, she knows how much I love polish and every now and then she raids her beauty bag and brings me whatever she’s not wearing! This time she went overboard and even gave me a lacquer she just bought: a Cuccio Color pink loveliness! Have you ever tried Cuccio?

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I didn’t! Until today! It’s an US cosmetics brand founded in the early eighties and is now used in salons and spas on all continents! I have (just) one of their nail polishes, from their complete line of nail and body care: Cuccio Color Turkish Delight. 13ml (0.43 oz) of triple pigmented beauty with really fast drying time, free of toluene and dpb!

applying nail polish two coats cuccio turkish delight

One coat is enough to provide a rich coverage of the nail, however, if you want your color to be perfectly opaque and even, two coats are largely sufficient! I’ve seen better brushes, but this one works well, at least it did in my case, and the polish doesn’t streak, drying quickly enough to opt out any topcoat enhancing the drying time.

pink nails metallic tips

How I wear my Cuccio Turkish Delight: of the many ways, here are two – really easy and aesthetically effective! Call them French if you will, I call them metallic tips or metallic gradient tips and they require nothing more than the metallic (glitter) polish and the brush provided in the bottle!

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This prevents the tips wearing as Cuccio is a soft textured polish wearing off easily at the tips also adding a special edge to your nails, in no time! All you need is to remove the excess polish and brush with almost no polish on the tips of the nail, thus creating brush streaks with polish looking fabulous and artsy! How would you wear your Turkish Delight?

copper gradient pink nails

I’m Cecilia and I love painting my nails so much that I decided to share my passion and all I’ve learned with you on my website.

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