Catrice Crushed Diamonds Swatches: PLUMdogMillionaire, Call Me Princess

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The new nail polish rage is all about textures and shine. Sparkling sand-like, coarse lacquers are widely appreciated and almost any brand out there has its own version of this type of nail-wonder!

My latest discovery comes from an European brand – Catrice. Two wonderful polishes in the shades I love most which were gifted to me by a dear friend: a deep purple PLUMdogMillionaire and a sparkling pink Call Me Princess.

Catrice Crushed Crystals swatching

I tried them with and without top coat and wore them for a couple of days without them chipping off. What I love about this type of textured polish – besides its amazing shine – is that it’s particularly forgiving when it comes to applying it on the nail or repairing it after a smudge or after a day in the kitchen. The coarse texture will let you patch the paint without giving up the repaired area! This is the same reason I love glitters so much!

textured Catrice swatching

If I were to choose between the Catrice PLUMdogMillionaire or the Catrice Call me Princess, it would be really hard – I think both colors make their own statement, depending on your preferences, your mood or the occasion. Just two coats are needed to achieve full opacity and the texture is really nice, even without sealing it for the ultimate shine.

Catrice PLUMdogMillionaire Crushed Diamonds swatches

Catrice Call Me Princess Crushed Diamonds Swatches

Catrice Crushed Crystals textured swatches

What a top coat really does in this case – it adds depth to the shine, making the polish even more sparkling! The purple (Catrice PLUMdogMillionaire) is particularly evocative for this effect as seen below. The sparkling pink reveals more about its golden undertones rather than getting a richer pink. Which is wonderfully festive for a pink polish, not all pink lacquers can do that, but they can compliment mani combos in different ways, like these beautiful tie-dye nails. If you’re looking for full effect, consider applying two clear coats over the Crushed Diamonds.

Catrice Crushed Diamonds with topcoat swatches PLUMdogMillionaire Call Me Princess

Overall, the Catrice textured polishes are definitely among my favorites and I will clearly wear them more in the future, whether on their own, with top coat or in nail art combos!

Catrice Crushed Diamonds swatching topcoat

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