Glitter Swatching: Moriesnailart FGT Glitter Nail Polish

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Ask any nail fanatic, they’ll tell you their biggest nail craze is glitter! Use it wisely and it will instantly brighten up not just your manicure, but also your day! Also: you never have enough glitter! And Indie Glitter is the best glitter you’ll get! Before you get into all that sparkle and shine, be sure to read and follow the Nail Care routine that will revolutionize your nails forever!

Off the mainstream constraints, indie nail polish is the answer to many lacquer fantasies. Made with less industrial drive and more love&passion, indie nail polish is lacquer with a heart. Today we talk about FGT, Morie’s nail art’s glitter with a heart!

Indie nail polish Morie s Nailart FGT Glitter Seasonails

Sweet Pea is a fantastic mix of pink glitter, Fields of Green is wonderfully green, yellow and emerald while Glitter Bloom is an explosion of yellow, pink and blue! Wear them on their own or top them on contrasting polish colors and they’ll sparkle and shine, catching light and casting magic.

indie nail polish morie s nailart FGT glitter Sweet Pea

indie nail polish morie s nailart FGT glitter Glitter Bloom

The formula is flowy and not gloopy at all, the glitters mix beautifully put together. It will definitely add that extra something to any manicure. I loved wearing the Sweet Pea on its own, with a little gradient. Delicate and chic at the same time. So is Glitter Bloom – perfect for spring and summer nails while Fields of Green could even make it as a Christmas-themed manicure!

indie nail polish morie s nailart FGT glitter Fields of Green

The lovely, passionate Adri was so kind and she agreed to answer a few questions for Seasonails so we may get to know better the person behind FGT nail polishes!

Tell us about yourself
I’m a really fun but shy person in real life, being in social media and having a blog makes it easy for me to talk to strangers, haha. I love to read and chill in front of the TV. I love to travel and someday I hope to move to another country and experience what it’s like living abroad.
I’m completely obsessed with neon anything but my favorite color is turquoise.

indie nail glitter FGT pink Sweet Pea mix Glitter Bloom

How (why) did you start making nail polish? Do you see yourself doing just that in the future? (why)
I started by mixing polishes I didn’t quite like by themselves mostly because where I live (Costa Rica) it’s hard to find cool nail polishes or they’re extremely expensive, $18 for a bottle of Opi yikes!
I think everyone dreams of having their own polish line and being successful with it, so yes, hopefully I can keep on making polishes that people like!

Indie Glitter FGT Fields of Green Seasonails swatches

Do you have a favorite manicure? Can you please give an example? And why is it your favorite manicure?
Favorite manicure: though one, I think my favorite I’ve ever done is this neon gradient with a black starry stamp on top, it’s super fun and you’re surely gonna get a lot of compliments. Stamp can be found on the Cheeky CH12 plate. Here it is, below:

pink black Morie s Nailart guest nails for Seasonails

Do you have a favorite season/holiday for nails inspiration? Which is it?
My favorite season has to be spring, I love the pastels and neons that come out on that time and also all the bright manis you get to wear. I’m a sucker for bright colors. I also love Christmas, it’s like you get a license to go nuts over themed nail art.

grey nails pink glitter gradient Seasonails indie polish FGT

Do you have a favorite pro nail polish brand? And a favorite budget nail polish brand?
My favorite nail polish brand has to be China Glaze, it’s affordable, good quality and they come up with gorgeous colors. I’ve been loving the NYC Quick Dry line lately, super cheap, good colors and it dries fast which means less waiting time before you can stamp over it. As for high end I have to say Deborah Lipmann, wearing those polishes makes me feel fancy.

Christmas nails grey glitter gradient Seasonails FGT polish

Natural nails vs. acrylics – which nails do you prefer and why?
Natural nails all the way, never had acrilics but I’ve read horror stories about them and how they damage your nails so… not thanks! Besides I’m a shorties kinda gal.

pink glitter gradient nails FGT indie polish Seasonails

Do you have a secret for nails & nail art? Would you like to share?
Do I have a secret? If I tell you then it won’t be secret anymore haha I don’t really have one, I just have insane amounts of patience when painting my nails, I use a ridge filling base coat polish to make my nails smoother and whenever I run out of ideas I google colors or patterns to get inspired. I’ve found that even when you don’t like how your mani turned out, some people will love it so don’t be afraid to share it.

spring nails pink glitter FGT Sweet Pea Seasonails

Thank you so much for this collaboration and for contributing to Adri!
Keep up to date with Morie’s Nail Art here, buy her wonderful nail polish here!

Christmas glitter nails indie polish FGT Glitter Bloom

I’m Cecilia and I love painting my nails so much that I decided to share my passion and all I’ve learned with you on my website.

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