Fall Nail Polish Essentials

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Every season, I have a couple of nail polishes I can’t do without. So if summer is all about neons and I already told you the basic nail polish needs for every girl (nailista or not), let’s break the Fall Nail Polish necessary list!

I’m a neutrals kind of girl and although I have a serious love for grey and greige, my neutrals palette runs a bit further than the usual 50 shades of grey ^_^. Among all 4 seasons, Fall seems the perfect one for neutrals, doesn’t it?

Light or caffe-latte, bronze-y or greige, the fall neutrals can range from the usual, classic French manicure menu to the beautiful coppery beige and bronze polishes. There’s really no stop to the fall nail polish stock (but your budget), so while I put together my fall basics nails polishes list, there’s always room for more!

neutral polish must have opi dont bossa nova me around

OPI Don’t Bossa Nova Me Around is definitely one of my favorite neutrals, any season! My quintessential greige is OPI’s Taupeless Beach – I love the grey, almost lavender undertones of this neutral polish and the coverage is just amazing! Two coats, it’s all you need!

neutral polish must have opi taupeless beach

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OPI’s Dulce de Leche is yet another neutral beauty which falls right between taupe and blush and has one of the most amazing coverage capabilities I’ve ever seen: one coat is enough! The second is just for safety ^-^. You’ll definitely need two coats of I Have a Herring Problem to spice up the fall neutrals with a cool shimmery grey with a watery consistency. I forgive that because of the gorgeous grey shade!

neutral polish must have opi dulce de leche

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neutral polish must have opi i have a herring problem

Now for the bronze, coppery shades – for a complete subtle look I swear on my oldies but goldies Orly Blushalicious and Citrine Cheer. I recently discovered Jordana’s Oro and as far as I’m concerned, for a budget nailista, these are all valuable fall basics! You don’t have to own the latest collections to master the elementary fall nails needs.

neutral polish must have orly blushalicious

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falll polish must have orly citrine cheer

These are just my neutral picks for fall. Along come faithfully black and orange, dark purples and chocolate browns, the earthly tones we’re so fond of during the autumnal months! Combinations and nail arts ideas are only limited by our imagination and our daily routine and I consider the above my fall blank canvases. What are yours?

fall polish must have jordana oro

I’m Cecilia and I love painting my nails so much that I decided to share my passion and all I’ve learned with you on my website.


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