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Summer Nail Art: Watermelon Glitter Nails

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So many flowers, so much summer! Let’s go for fruits break – watermelon nails – would you? Actually, these are like the grown-up version of the watermelon nails we’re all use to see and wear during the beautiful summer days!

Actually, my Glitter Watermelon Nails were so cool and so grown-up that I went to Hard Rock Café with them and had a blast showing them off! They really steal the show – and you can’t tell they’re watermelons from a distance – your eyes are completely enchanted with the glare of green glitter!

watermelon glitter nails green glitter

It all started with my favorite red nails lacquer… Nah, forget that! It all started when I cracked two nails. Same day, two nails, one from each hand. There was no way I would ignore them! There’s no way I would file only those two and leave the others be. Long and lean. I. Filed. Them. All. Down. Add to that a sauce of cursing even voodoo masters would envy the proficiency (pardon my honesty, but really, who doesn’t curse when breaking a nail?) and you’ve got a really spicy activity I didn’t had to practice in over a year! (if you’re curious how I did that, read my nails secret here).

red hot rio opi watermelon nails

So I filed them to almost finger-level. Now what? Red – this is the perfect moment for red, simple, vampy, retro red nails: my loyal OPI Red Hot Rio is the red for my skin tone and personality. On I went, I painted my nails red.

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You can only go sans nail art for one day. The following morning you’re already anxious and restless at the thought of cooking some accent art for the said plain polished nails. Mine were blood red. The time of strawberries already gone and Santa is nowhere in sight. The next logical step was watermelon. However, I wasn’t willing to wipe one or two nails to make room for some watermelon slices on a white-ish base. Had to figure something else, especially since I overheard my Husband setting a double date night with our neighbors and friends at Hard Rock Café.

Really, don’t look at the many flowers I painted or the multitude of pink nails – our kids were tucked to bed with hard rock lullabies – if you want to see happy faces in our household, try a classic TNT AC/DC!

green glitter black glitter watermelon nails

So cute watermelon nails – hello and goodbye!
Still – can’t leave those nails plain red, right? Back to watermelons – behold the Mighty Glitter Savior! How could I overlook the many benefits of glitter? Oh, I know how – at some point, few months back, I overdosed on glitter. Basically every nail art was drenched in glitter until my Husband frowned at the sight of glitter in the salad dressing… I entered the Glitter Detox and I tried hard to keep away from my beloved loose glitters.

watermelon summer nails

Nothing screams glitter more than a nails emergency! So that’s how my Glitter Watermelon Summer Nails came to be! Straight from the Glitter ER on the World Wide Web!

how to summer watermelon nails glitter tutorial diy

I’m Cecilia and I love painting my nails so much that I decided to share my passion and all I’ve learned with you on my website.


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