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Summer Chevron Arrows Neon Nails

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Here it is! the long-awaited summer is finally upon us! This is not only the season’s first month but also my Birthday’s month! Yep – I’m a summer child! And I love everything-summer! Neons make the best summer nails, don’t they?

You know I love simplifying nail art and this is my version of the much sought-after chevron nails! It’s a mix of chevron and (faux) stiletto with arrows accent nail! Stick with me – it may sound complicated, but it’s fabulously easy to do! Let’s get to it: I painted all my nails, save for the accent nail (the ring fingernail) with a fabulous pink China Glaze ‘Bottoms Up’ – it’s a past collection, but I like to be challenged by my supplies.

chevron summeer pink nails how to

My nail polish stash is huge compared to what I had when I embarked in this nail art adventure two years ago but it’s still way below 100 bottles! So I play with what I have and I feel so much more creatively challenged! (not that I would mind owning thousands of nail polish bottles! Oh, my! Heaven!)

summer pink chevron stiletto nails

Back to the nail art: I kept my faithful OPI Alpine Snow for the accent nail and started the striped chevron/ faux stiletto. For this academic technique you’ll need a roll of striping tape for nail art and scissors. Cut the necessary size of tape to create the pointy shape on the nails, you can either use a coat of transparent lacquer to glue the tape or skip that step (since the tape is sticky either way) but you’ll definitely need to overcoat the striped chevron with generous layers of topcoat (I used two layers because the tape tends to stick out at the tips.

arrow nails how to

Now that the chevron is done, let’s focus on the accent nail: arrows! Neon arrows! I know there are stamps for that, but arrows are supposed to be artsy and indie? So I’d rather paint my arrows with the nail art brush and neon paints! I used striping tape (the same I used earlier) for the arrow sticks and coated them with transparent nail lacquer. After it dried out, I used neon paints (from Ikea – you’ve seen me using them before for the zebras orange dots and you’ll certainly see more of them) to create the arrows. I just went with the flow, I didn’t plan or color-schemed anything, just matched the nuances as I painted on. That’s why I love using paint instead of nail polish – if I’m not satisfied with the result, I can always wipe off with water or rubbing alcohol!

summer arrows chevron nails

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I did want the arrows heads in neon pink, like the rest of the nails, so that’s the only ‘plan’ I had! Use the quick-dry topcoat or a simple clear topcoat and you’re good to go! Aren’t these easy to do and cute too? Let me know what you think and definitely stick around for more summer nails!

chevron arrows freehand nail art

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how to chevron arrows summer nail art tutorial

I’m Cecilia and I love painting my nails so much that I decided to share my passion and all I’ve learned with you on my website.

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