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Summer French Mani: Strawberry Nails

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Once summer kicks in, I’m all psyched about strawberries! But then again, I’m crazy about all kinds of fruits so I think it’s safe to say you’ll be seeing quite the salad nails around!

I’m sure you’re all expecting some kind of red when it comes to strawberry nails and these won’t disappoint either, but… haven’t we seen enough of red strawberry nails? How about we reinterpret those fabulous fruits our way? I thought that a strawberry desert feels so chic, so French – that’s how I came up with the French Strawberry idea!

french summer nails how to

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Red, oval tips, just like the fruits! Only instead of building a solid red color on the entire surface of the nail, I only did the tips, like you’d see the strawberry from inside out, on a neutral beige opaque base! I added the ‘seeds’ with green glitter, tiny irregular dots on the surface of the nail (what? Have you seen a regular placement of seeds on the strawberries? Neither have I!)

summer strawberry nails how to

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I added a small bling – a tiny strawberry on the accent nail – I don’t expect it to last long on the nail with dirty dishes around, but I don’t expect strawberries to last longer in a plate either! This was just a quick story, actually a pretext to ramble on about strawberries and how much I love (eating) them! I honestly believe I’ll have to take the nails down quickly before I start eating them for strawberries! Imagine they’d be polished with strawberry-scented lacquer? Oh, the madness!

summer french strawberry nails

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What’s your favorite fruit? Would you wear fruits on your nails like me? (when I look at the pictures, I get the impression my nails are so small! But looking back at my hands in real life, they’re huge! (uh, sorry, end of rant – do enjoy my strawberry nails and try to replicate them, they’re soooo easy and fun!)

I’m Cecilia and I love painting my nails so much that I decided to share my passion and all I’ve learned with you on my website.

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