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Glitter Gradient Neon Summer Nails

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Did you notice how long my nails are? Well, in case you didn’t notice mine, did you ever feel the need to wear very long and very ‘loud’ nails? Just because they’re long?

Just an innocent question, trying to relate with all those ladies out there growing out their nails and feeling so excited because they have claws instead of nails! I’m a claw-y lady now! With neon glitter gradient nails – the perfect summer manicure, if anyone asks! Especially when you have long nails! Yeah! Bring it on!

pink neon summer nails how to

Take the flashiest, most neon nail polish you have, paint all your nails save for the index fingernail! I chose bright, neon pink because that’s what I love to wear when I’m not wearing black. Or grey. Bright pink! (and purple! Remember my pink-purple Galaxy nails?)

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So I painted my index finger solid, pure white! I know, it may look weird right now, but it will definitely grow on you! Just wait and see! It’s been a while since I last picked this many compliments on a mani! Now let’s finish this beauty before anything: do you have some white loose glitter? If you don’t, you should! It’ll save you many times over! I dipped my (still wet) nails into the loose glitter and lifted & brushed them into a fabulously perfect gradient! I’m talking about the ring fingernails only!

glitter gradient summer nails how to

Next up the middle fingernails: you’ll need to loosely brush the tips with a French-like nail polish, semi opaque, white-ish lacquer and then dip them into the loose glitter. This way, you’ll have a distinctively whiter gradient on the tips and the added glitter! Top both glittered nails with generous coats of clear polish!

how to add accents to summer nails

For the white index nail you can choose either Swarovski crystals or crystal studs, like I did, and place them in the shape of your choosing – I went for the wave – it felt more suitable for the pink mani. So I just placed them into the still wet white polish and fixated them with generous layers of topcoat. I really pass my fingers through my hair thousands times a day! I didn’t want any crystal out of my nail and into my hair!

how to add crystals to summer nails

I topped the two glitter gradient nails with Milani Diamond Dazzle and went out Saturday night – couldn’t believe how many people looked at my nails and got so many compliments over them! I had this manicure in mind for some time now, I remember seeing a similar nail art (only with stiletto faux nails, I think, and much larger blings on the accent nail) and wanting to reproduce it when my nails would be long enough! I was happy with the result – what do you think?

summer pink nails glitter gradient crystals

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how to glitter gradient hot pink summer nails tutorial

I’m Cecilia and I love painting my nails so much that I decided to share my passion and all I’ve learned with you on my website.

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