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Spring Mani: Pastels French Nails

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You know when you have new nail polish you can’t wait to try and you forget about planning a mani, you just take out the brush, marvel at how pretty that polish looks and … you just put it on the nail!

A nail you just cleaned in a hurry, any nail, just to get that new polish out there? That’s what I did! I went to the farmer’s market one day (to get cheese, mind you!) and I went by this bowl of (really cheap) nail polish. Walked 3 steps and got back – this minty pastel bottle was calling my name! And now it’s mine!

perfect neutral nails milani bare in mind

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So I went home, cleaned my nails, put on a lovely neutral (Milani Bare in Mind), took that new bottle, dug for a light pink and painted oval French tips with the brush from the bottle. As it was really uneven, I looked for a very contrasting glitter nail art polish, to cover my mistakes. In glitter! Remember that one (wink)!

painting french nails for spring

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So I did the French on all nails, alternating with pink and mint and was now contemplating the ring fingernails. My usual accent nails. What was I to do there? And I just dabbed mint and pink, like in a sea of springy flowers? Yeah, I know, that was in my head (wink). On my nail it might look a bit different, though!

pastel spring easter nails

I covered all in quick dry nail polish and contemplated… The accent nail needed the copper glitter touch – so I just contoured a bit around the pink and, because of the previous topcoat, it all seemed like floating over the flowers, it’s hard to see in the pictures, but in real life, there’s a depth and a china-like preciousness to that nail, I can’t believe it wasn’t planned!

spring pastels french nails

I think you can do this type of nail art with any colors, now that it’s Spring, pastels are very much in! But in Summer you can do this exact mani with neons! Just imagine those neons blending on the accent nail? Like a trippy vision, perfect for festivals! Let me know what combos you came up with, free your creativity and have fun with the polishes!

how to pastel spring easter nails tutorial

I’m Cecilia and I love painting my nails so much that I decided to share my passion and all I’ve learned with you on my website.

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