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Minions Movie Nails

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The Minions are coming! Have you heard? After two highly successful Despicable Me movies, the cute&funny minions get their own film! And I can’t wait to see it! You already know I love animations – they literally turn me and my nails Inside Out!

A while back I was doing a friend’s nails for her kid’s school festivities – and she asked if I could do her some minions nails – I accepted and the nails went on to become her kid’s favorite, her kid’s friends and colleagues favorites, her friends’ favorite and.. my favorite as well! But I had yet to paint some Minions nails of my own! Let’s do this!

minions nails nail polishes needed

On a bright yellow base (OPI I just can’t cope-acabana) I activated all my freehand painting techniques and tried to paint all the Minions I’ve seen in the movie teaser trailer (and images). From the Dinosaurs era to the Gru era, all Minions were alike but not quite. ^-^ and I like that!

minions movie nails step by step stuart

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It makes the design even funnier! And their faces are just priceless! I used all sorts of OPIs to create the Minions ‘outfits’ but I can safely say that this yellow is definitely the yellow to go for Minions! It’s perfectly opaque, just the right shade and I think OPI should consider renaming it into Despicable Yellow! Just saying!

minions movie nails cave minion how to

It’s difficult to describe the actual painting process: it basically involves a striping brush (or your favorite thin nail art brush) and a ton of colors you’ll be dipping either the tip of the details brush or the dotting tool (for the eyes). I painted almost each of the Minions Eras like a Minions Evolution on five fingers because I don’t have a favorite one! I love them all, all times and all Minions!

minions movie bob nails how to

The movie is scheduled to premiere on July 10th in theaters all over the world so you still have time to decide for which Minions nails you’ll go – the classic Gru-era onesie or the diverse multi-era Minions Movie Nail Art! And do share on my Facebook page or Instagram (or Twitter), I’d love to see your Minions! Have a fabulous (long) Independence Day weekend and: don’t forget! They’re coming!!!!!

minions movie nails stuart banana

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minions movie nails yellow

I’m Cecilia and I love painting my nails so much that I decided to share my passion and all I’ve learned with you on my website.

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