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Glitter Gradient Party Nails

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As the year draws to its end, the most glorious party approaches: New Year’s Eve, here I come! I’ve got my outfit ready and waiting in the dark of the closet for that special night, but my nails? That’s a different story – what nails would be right for the most glamorous party of the year?

Starting with these – the easiest way to achieve party nails using glitter to create a fabulous gradient effect. Against the very elegant wine polish base, the glitter looks even more amazing!

gradient party nails supplies

Starting off with the base coat (if you want to know what I use and more basics for nail care, don’t forget to check out my Fabulous Nail Care Routine) and then applying the beautiful wine polish, you can go about this manicure two ways – either apply the glitter whilst the base color is still wet or wait for the base to dry completely and apply the glitter over a clear coat (like I did).

deep wine nails Peggy Sage Taffetas

The wine nails were painted with a great European brand – Peggy Sage – the color is question is Taffetas – what a great name, huh? It has that French lush and posh je-ne-sais-quoi that makes me love the lacquer before I even tried it! How does it look to you? (I may have developed a soft spot for this polish, remember I used it also for my Xmas nails?)

how to party nails glitter gradient

Actually getting to the party nails how-to: you need some loose glitter to get these done! I love loose glitter! It’s so versatile and, honestly, just dipping my brush into all that sparkly powder feels like therapy (am I the only one?). I used a silver holo glitter and a white holo micro glitter. And the best thing about loose glitter is that it’s very forgiving – you can add extra glitter to retouch here-and-there even after you’ve applied your first coat of glitter.

how to glitter gradient nails deep wine

After doing the gradient on all nails but the accent nail (which is usually the ring fingernail), I went crazy on that last one! Covered it all in glitter, feeling the party starting! All those tiny mirroring particles sparkling at your fingertips even more than the bubbly wine! – get it? Wine nail polish – bubbly wine? Glitter? Bubbles? Party? Yep, that’s the point! Have a fabulous New Year’s Eve!

glitter party nails tutorial

how to glitter party nails tutorial

I’m Cecilia and I love painting my nails so much that I decided to share my passion and all I’ve learned with you on my website.

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