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Winter Nail Art: New Year’s Eve Manicure

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Tonight’s the night! New Year’s Eve! Dare I ask if you have your outfit ready? I have mine ready for 2 months, it’s the nails-part I hadn’t figured out until today!

But now I’m all painted up, prettied and can’t wait for the night to start! Since I was desperately trying to find ideas and come up with a lovely New Year’s Eve nails design, I was literally staring at the sky, waiting for a brilliant thing to hit me – and the funny thing is – that it did! It hit me, straight from the big, beautiful blue sky – stars! I would have wishful stars on my nails for New Year’s Eve!

winter nails stars glitter

I will keep this one short, hopefully you’ll have time to replicate it? Just in case you were hopelessly uninspired, just like I was, and left the NYE nails for the last minute. So I painted my nails porcelain white using OPI’s Alpine Snow (you can read more about my favorite basics when I detail my Nail Care Routine). You can use whatever solid white you have in your stash, I just favor OPI for the base because it really dries rapidly and time is of the essence right now!

solid white OPI Alpine Snow

winter starry porcelain nails

Next I picked up my trusted Zoyas – Robyn and Liberty , the PixieDust because I wasn’t sure which one is going to paint a more beautiful star. I ended up using both to paint crisp blue North Stars over the porcelain white base! I even posted a short video of how I did the stars here, on my IG account!

NYE nails winter mani

Just for the sparkle – we are, after all, prepping for a party – I added a flaky glitter particle in the middle of the stars and here-and-there on the nails. I finished with OPI’s RapiDry topcoat to seal the design and the glitters and I felt really happy with my NYE nails! They’re wintery and lovely, minimalist but still sparkly – bring on 2015!

winter glitter stars nails

Thank you for this amazing end of 2014! It’s truly an exciting time for me! I wish you and your loved ones a wonderful New Year! May it be your happiest ever!

winter stars nails how to

I’m Cecilia and I love painting my nails so much that I decided to share my passion and all I’ve learned with you on my website.

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