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Flowers Nails: Easiest Poppies Nail Art

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Poppies are definitely my favorite flowers! Did I just say that? Oooh! But it’s ok, you know what makes them so extra special to me, among all those other flowers? That you can’t cut a poppy, put it in a vase and expect it to live. Poppies are fabulous because they are wild and untamed! That’s magical!

While everyone is used to seeing the legendary red poppy, I thought variation is nice, especially since the yellow poppy is the state flower of sunny California! Enough talking, let’s start painting those nails!

grey gradient nails dry brush

On a neutral base (I used a semi opaque French-like base – a Revlon Sheer Pink – which is everything but pink, but let’s leave it to its name and go on). After it dried, I started painting the grass using the (same) dry brush technique with OPI I Have a Herring Problem: using the nail brush from the bottle, carefully wipe off the excess polish on a piece of paper and then you paint a gradient starting from the base of the nail going up towards the middle of the nail where the dry brush strokes should be visible, like thin herbs.

freehand nail art flowers

With a solid yellow you paint random round shapes on the tips of the nail, towards the middle of the nail where the gradient stopped. These will be your poppies. You can either leave the center of the round free of paint or not, the dark lacquer will cover the spot anyway! I used the same color for the center of the poppies and for their stems – OPI Holiday Glow using a striping nail art brush. It’s really no philosophy at all, just freehand magic that you can do yourself!

freehand nails with flowers

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And when it was all over, I added a bit of glitter over the green gradient. Felt like it needed some sparkle! But it’s completely optional and you can skip this step with a light heart! Although it does add magic to the poppy abstract design! Seal it with quick drying topcoat – not that id didn’t dry until now, but I’m addicted to rapidry.

spring summer yellow poppy nails

So here you go: perfect flowers manicure for spring and summer! Joyful, ridiculously easy to do: you can see the design pictured on my non dominant hand! It doesn’t require a surgical –steady hand, nor does it demand pro painting skills! Trust your inner child and paint those poppy nails!

how to poppy spring summer nail art tutorial

I’m Cecilia and I love painting my nails so much that I decided to share my passion and all I’ve learned with you on my website.

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