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Abstract Zebra Nails: Easy & Fun Nail Art

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You know those times when you’re just looking at your freshly painted nails and you wonder what to put on them? Like – what nail art goes with what color? And what you’re wearing?

I go through that torment a lot! And sometimes come up empty. But not today! Today I just looked down at my crisp white nails and felt like wearing something strongly contrasting! Something bold, that would make a statement and turn heads! Something wild and free! I came up with zebra nails. At first! Scroll down to see what followed!

simple white nails opi

Paint irregular black lines with black acrylic paint and watercolor brush (it’s really important to have at least one watercolor brush with natural hair – a medium sized one is ok but you’ll definitely want more after you discover the strength of a good brush!). You might notice I applied a matte topcoat previous to drawing the actual lines. I do that when I want my nail art to make an artistic statement.

how to paint abstract zebra nails

I started from the left and finished gradually closer to the edge as I went up the nail. That’s because I don’t want my nail art to limit my nails, visually! Creating an opening enlarges the space – it’s an illusion, but don’t we all feed on illusions? Let’s make the best of them!

abstract zebra nails black white

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Now I finished my Abstract zebra nails. They look lovely. But I want more! Finding the right element to complete a nail art design is like finding the right spices to get the best taste of your meals! Something that would make them pop but something coherent still! I’m going through a ‘dry-brush’ period so I filled the space between the lines with nail polish dry brushes, going as far as the lines went, making sure the nail brush had very little polish on it (draw lines on paper before to take out any excess polish that would simply ruin this technique).

using the dry brush technique for nail art

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Now my nails look really dramatic and theatrical. I want them to look happy and bright! A pop of bright neon orange would definitely do the trick! A perfectly round, big dot, on the empty space toward the tip of the nails. Now my nails look good! All matte and artistic! It wasn’t difficult, was it? Really all you need is black polish (you can draw the zebra lines with polish as well, not just acrylics), a really bright neon orange and matte topcoat to seal the deal! If you have any questions at all, bring them on, I’d be happy to analyze my creative chaos!

abstract zebra summer nails

I’m Cecilia and I love painting my nails so much that I decided to share my passion and all I’ve learned with you on my website.


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