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Easy Sophisticated Winter Nails

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If you’re in the mood for something sophisticated, not just Christmas trees, snowflakes, snowmen or cute wintery motifs, these Sophisticated Winter nails could be your answer!

And you know what the best thing about them is? That they require absolutely no special painting skills or extra delicate techniques! All you need is a solid color nail polish, striping tape (preferably silver, but that’s maybe because of me and my obvious love for all things grey and silver) and clear topcoat! I kid you not, it’s all it takes to get some of the most sophisticated nails I’ve ever worn!

 beautiful oxblood nails color on a budget

I think I mentioned Golden Rose’s nail polishes before – and I have no financial reason in bringing them up all the time! They don’t know who I am and couldn’t care less and the feeling would’ve been mutual if not for their wonderfully high quality polish and incredibly budget-friendly prices! I’m a fan, what can I say?

gorgeous nail polish color perfect for party

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This beautiful oxblood polish (no 34) is so royal and gorgeous I find myself wanting to wear it over and over again! It applies wonderfully, only two coats for perfect opacity, it has these lovely reflects killing any dull suspicion, it’s long lasting and hasn’t stained my nails once!

how to apply striping tape on nails

Now for the strenuous process to sophisticated nails – kidding, it’s really, really easy! – paint your solid color (over your base coat, head on here to read about the nail art basics). Wait for it to dry (completely). Cut out stripes of tape two for each nail and place them on a bottle cap, somewhere close and finish sticking the tape on one nail before moving on to the next.

how to sophisticated elegant striping tape nails

Be careful around the edges, press down your tape firmly so it adheres completely to the nail, otherwise it will lift off and make a mess of your sophistication! Once the tape is applied on all your nails you can apply the topcoat. Make it a shiny, plumping one rather than a quick dry one! If it helps, you can make one hand at the time, waiting for the topcoat to dry before getting to the next hand.

elegant nails for the holidays season

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That’s all there is, ladies! Simple, stunning sophisticated nails for the Holidays Season (and more)! Less is definitely more in this case!

I’m Cecilia and I love painting my nails so much that I decided to share my passion and all I’ve learned with you on my website.

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