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Office-Friendly Subtle Festive Christmas Nails!

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Festive nails, yes! But how do you tame festive when you have to work in an office from 9 to 5 (&more)? Here’s a perfect answer for all working nailistas out there who need festive nails but don’t have to draw too much attention!

Actually – you can choose between two nail art ideas I think are perfect for festive occasions while working in your head and keeping nail art in your heart! You only need two nail polishes for this type of nail art, so I dare to say it’s quite simple! Scroll down:

greige nails opi taupeless beach

Start with your usual base coat and so on and so forth – all that step-by-step basic home manicure process I showed you in my first stories (you can read all about it here). Wait until it’s all dry and your nails are painted around all the free edges (you haven’t forgot about those hush-hush nail secrets nobody will tell you about but you can read them all here). Apply the base color – since we’re talking about a subtle nail art, I’m suggesting a taupe, a beige, a greige, anything around that ‘neutral’ area with grey undertones.

grey gold easy festive nails

Why grey? Because it goes so beautifully with bronze, copper or silver-gold! These are my accents for this manicure. I find them warmer, more complimenting than other colors and boy! do they make a Heavenly match for grey (my favorite neutral)! For the first I used the dry brushing technique (if you haven’t read my previous dry brushing stories, just know that) – it’s a really simple way to decorate your nails by using the nail polish bottle brush! Just make sure you’re taking out all the excess polish by squeezing your brush against the bottle and then on a piece of paper, leaving just enough nail polish to leave brush strokes like in the tutorial below (I’m working on putting it together, do come back, I’ll update this story as soon as it’s finished!).

Top it with matte topcoat for an extra artsy effect (or regular clear topcoat, don’t worry, the beauty of this simple nail art will shine through)!

grey gold easy christmas nails

Now the second festive nail art for office working ladies uses the same greyge base coat (OPI Taupeless Beach) and a textured silver-gold polish from Golden Rose (Holiday collection, no 82). It’s my Zoya Godiva dupe (kind of, I know, the poor man’s Pixie Dust ^_^).

festive nails textured nail polish

Using – again – the brush from the bottle, squeezing off the excess polish, I just traced a brush-thick polish line on the middle of the nail. You can descend less than I did, making just a small trace, there’s no recipe for success there – just try and see what you like best. You can top this one with clear topcoat or leave it be, I think it looks pretty and festive while keeping a low profile, subtle and artistic. What do you think? Would you wear these nails to work?

artistic festive nails grey gold

I’m Cecilia and I love painting my nails so much that I decided to share my passion and all I’ve learned with you on my website.


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