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Black & Silver Nails: Starry Night Manicure

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In the light of the recent tragedies worldwide, I found it really hard to focus and to come up with a positive nail art idea. #prayfortheworld

The bad things happening freeze my mind and make my heart turn inside out leaving me depleted of creativity and imagination. However, we must all jump back on our feet, stand strong and united in faith and hope! So through the darkness, sparkles of hope shine through! Therefore my starry night nail art. An essentially simple black and silver nail art perfect for so many occasions, strong and sophisticated, yet fabulous, hopeful and wonderful!

dark nails opi lincoln park after dark

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I know the pictures could deceive you into believing that I used a black nail polish as a base for my manicure. I actually used a very dark violet from OPI called Lincoln Park After Dark. It’s deep, dark, yet with subtle undertones, like a ‘warm black’ – perfect for the idea I had about this manicure.

dark nails base opi lincoln park after dark

Call it a classic dotticure, but this starry night nail art is so much more than a dotticure! Using glitter particles to create the dots amps up the stylish factor and also creates a 3D effect and mirror shine you won’t obtain using regular nail polish! It’s a bit more demanding than your usual dotticure, but oh-so-worth your time and patience!

starry night black silver dotticure nail art

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I applied each glitter dot with the orangewood stick, placing it on a tiny dot of clear topcoat I previously applied on the nail using the same orangewood stick, thus creating a ‘map’ where the glitter would be. I suppose it would’ve been easier to place the glitter before the base dried out, but I painted my dark nails after this Friday’s tragic events, with no nail art in mind, just because it felt like a dark and sad moment in time. As the days unfolded, I started lifting myself back up again, with hope and faith. So my sparkly glitter appeared!

black silver dotticure with glitter

Cover them with a generous clear topper, wait for it to dry and.. that’s all it takes! Let me know what you think about this black and silver nail art! (I think I will do it for New Year’s Eve too – it looks like a festive nail art, perfect for a party! – I’m so happy I used the craft glitter to create it, it brings such an unexpected bonus to the final look!)

glitter dotticure black silver nails

I’m Cecilia and I love painting my nails so much that I decided to share my passion and all I’ve learned with you on my website.


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