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Super Easy Galaxy Nail Art: Magellanic Clouds Nails

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Taking things step-by-step in the nail art world can prove to be really difficult. Fear not! Seasonails is your guide to the easiest, most spectacular (beginner) manicures you’ll master immediately! Don’t forget to get your Nail Care routine straight by reading and following the steps that’ll take you to your most beautiful, healthiest nails ever!

Over the past couple of months, aside from the usual star-gazing, trying to find some inspiration, I developed a mild obsession for galaxies (has anyone read the About page already? It might be a slight giveaway of what I’m going through). Because of that and because it’s one of the easiest nail art procedures you’ll ever come across, Galaxy Nails are on the menu today!

Galaxy nails easy nail art how to Seasonails

The Large and Small Magellanic Clouds are tiny galaxies really close to our beloved Milky Way. What made them particularly interesting for this manicure study is their pink-purple color. You may see it differently, but the space telescopes are telling us that the sky is far from being black!

fabulous galaxy nail art Seasonails

The sky is pink! And purple! And green, and blue (but we’ll leave that to another edition of the Galaxy nails, today we’ll concentrate on pink and purple as shown in the NASA pictures below).

Magellanic clouds Galaxy images

What you need: bright pink, bright purple and a dash of blue and metallic silver!
I chose China Glaze Are you Jelly?, a really bright purple (available here), and vivid pink, also from China Glaze: Bottoms Up (available here). I added a couple of strokes of China Glaze Isle See you Later (a lovely blue, available here).

China Glaze Bottoms Up China Glaze Are You Jelly

The silver was in my stash, with no label and my memory doesn’t help me in pinpointing the time and place when this bottle became mine. However, since it’s not really important what silver you use, most of the time it has great pigment and coverage so let’s pick a really reliable and affordable one (like this one here).

Purple China Glaze Are You Jelly

After taking care of your nails (base coat and so forth – read all about the basics of nail art here), start by painting all your nails purple. Then you place a couple of drops of each polish on your work surface and dip a fan brush into the polish and apply on the nail as you will.

Galaxy nails how to Seasonails

Be gentle with the strokes and work your way from the edges towards the middle of the nail so you can create depth to your galaxy: the darker colors go towards the edges.

Galaxy Nails tutorial before glitter

Don’t worry if it doesn’t resemble a galaxy at first, this mani is particularly forgiving and you can tweak it until you reach your desired result.

Girly Galaxy Nail Art Seasonails

Add generous coats of silver holo glitter to emulate the many stars and if you have a chunky glitter somewhere, now it’s the time to take it out and work with just a couple of bits placed here and there on the nail!

Purple pink Galaxy nail art how to Seasonails

Finish with a sealing (or quick drying) topcoat and feel free to stare at your starry nails – they’re beyond fabulous (and really easy to do)! If you’re into easy but fabulous nail art, do check out this amazing flowers manicure!

easy nail art how to Galaxy Nails Seasonails Tutorial

I’m Cecilia and I love painting my nails so much that I decided to share my passion and all I’ve learned with you on my website.

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